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Shorter Strain Relief Housing for Restricted Spaces


Nottingham, GB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- WAGO has developed a shorter strain relief housing for pluggable electrical installations in extremely space-restricted conditions.

Suitable for all 2-pole plugs and sockets within the MINI Series of WINSTA® pluggable connectors, the new snap-on type strain relief housing is 15mm shorter than existing MINI versions. This makes it particularly well suited for pluggable electrical installations in extremely space-restricted conditions, such as connecting LED lights. The strain relief housing is available in black and white.

The WINSTA® MINI 2-pole plugs and sockets are designed for cable diameters from 3.8mm to 8.2mm. The new strain relief housing can be snapped onto connectors featuring any coding configuration. Due to the shorter strip length of 15mm, both conductors are terminated simultaneously during plug/socket wiring. Parallel opening of the two clamping units can be easily performed via 2-way operating tool. Both clamp and strain relief housing's base/cover are latched together manually. Screwless mounting provides quick and easy operation.

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