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Show Insecurity the Door and Live a Captivating Life: New Book Shares the Secrets of Irresistible Self-Confidence

Written by Regina Leigh, ‘Live a Captivating Life: Ditch the Insecurity and Uncertainty and Become Savvy, Confident and Irresistible’ is the ultimate, empowering guide for women who struggle with shyness and self-doubt. Leigh will take readers under her wing and like a favourite big sister and impart her singular wisdom on how to change their lives, emerge from the shadows and become the women they were meant to be.


Midlothian, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Midlothian, TX –
‘Live a Captivating Life: Ditch the Insecurity and Uncertainty and Become Savvy, Confident and Irresistible’ is like a cozy chat over coffee, filled to the brim with tips and tricks for becoming unforgettable, for all the right reasons.


Weeks after a chance dinner with a Hollywood publicist and his assistant, a mutual friend asked me what my secret was. I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me this publicist “did nothing but talk about "how charming and gracious Regina was." My friend told me, “You stole the attention from the person he was there to meet.” I was floored. First, because no one could turn a nice social engagement into a disaster the way I could, and second, I was used to being invisible. I thought I was destined to live in the shadows, afraid to step out and face my insecurities. But one day, someone came into my life and challenged me. Challenged me to face myself and not settle for the mediocrity and fear I was living with.

I learned very valuable information and I worked hard putting it into practice. It was in this conversation with my friend that I knew I had turned a page in my life. I knew charisma and confidence are things people can learn, not something you must be born with. I also knew I had to share what I had learned with others who struggled with insecurity and doubt the same way I did. Charisma is not out of reach. I will show you what worked and what didn’t. These time-tested techniques are simple but effective. It isn't just about becoming irresistible to the opposite sex; it is about putting your best foot forward in all occasions in order to have more success in life. It's about appearing confident even when you feel uncertain. It's about being dynamic and extraordinary. It's about being unforgettable to everyone you meet.

As the author explains, the true value of her writing is that it comes from experience, rather than imagined expertise.

“There’s no iron-clad research or white coats here; just bold grassroots trial and error that resulted in a renewed lease of life. I tell readers, from experience, what worked and what didn’t. This is so much more powerful than anything a so-called ‘expert’ could put on paper,” says Leigh.

Continuing, “I give examples and stories from an ordinary girl's perspective rather than the robotic, clinical perspective of professionals that can too often be hard to understand or put into practice. I hope my story will inspire women to develop life-changing confidence and ditch their insecurity for good.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“My life will forever be transformed if I put this book into play on a daily basis. For one that struggled with confidence, I'm eager to see in which direction I can see my life go. This author uses real life instances and with wit!!” says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Another was equally as impressed, adding, “Reading this book was like having the glamorous cool big sister of your best friend take you under her wing and share all her secrets. I felt like I was having a real conversation with a real person, a very encouraging supportive person, someone I would want to be around and emulate.”

‘Live a Captivating Life: Ditch the Insecurity and Uncertainty and Become Savvy, Confident and Irresistible’ is available now: http://amzn.to/HgyY2c.

About the Author: The author lives in Texas.