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Shower Safety Product Gotcha Drastically Improves Shower Safety for Seniors

Gotcha Alive is a Shower Safety product that improves safety by eliminating the risk of slips and falls occurring while showering. Further information can be found on the website or by phoning 866 768-7999.


Tarzana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Shower safety is one of the most pressing issues that face many people on a daily basis for a wide variety of reasons. This problem is particularly relevant for senior citizens as studies have consistently shown that they are most at risk of experiencing injuries while showering. In turn, this leads to a fear of showering that can affect the quality of life of the individual and threaten to undermine their independence. The need to improve shower safety is something that many people are aware of, but have not until now had the opportunity to act on in a straightforward way.

The Gotcha Alive device was designed and built as a solution to the most common problem that people incur when trying to improve shower safety; installation and cost. Gotcha Alive provides the answer to both of these problems by providing an affordable solution that does not require major bathroom modifications. In most instances the installation of the device does not require a professional contractor and can be set up and ready to use within a short period of time. Video installation instructions and usage demonstrations can be found on our website.

Improving accessibility has been one of the core aims of the device from it’s initial conception through to market launch. Today’s generation of seniors have always been able to find solutions to their own problems and remain independent, something that we believe should apply to shower safety just as it does to other areas of life.

In addition to the elderly, many other groups of people are vulnerable to slips and falls in the shower. Gotcha Alive was designed with this in mind and is easy to adjust to personal needs and be beneficial to a wide range of people. With the system installed and the fear of falling eliminated, showering once again becomes the normal daily activity that it should be, not something to be dreaded. If you are interested in more information about how Gotcha Alive can help you or your loved ones, don’t hesitate to contact us directly for more information. You can contact us on 866 768-7999 or through our contact page.


Contact: 866 768-7999