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Shred Source Launches Guitar Backing Tracks for Alternative Musical Training

Through Unconventional Techniques, Shred Source Brings Joy Back To Learning Guitar


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Statistics from the fine arts education sector indicate 69 percent of the American population is interested in learning to play a musical instrument, almost half naming the guitar as their instrument of choice. The vast majority of those falling into this category state they have previously attempted to develop their musical ability; however, disappointment in traditional training methods led most to abandon their endeavors. In an effort to inspire musical hopefuls and provide a more interesting alternative to the traditional approach to learning, Shred Source has launched their exclusive line of guitar backing tracks.

Samuel Schwartz of Shred Source explained, "We know first hand the discouraging effects of playing monotonous scales and chords over and over again. While many have achieved success through traditional training, many more lose their enthusiasm for music when they feel they are not progressing as quickly as they had hoped. We provide access to the increasingly popular down-loadable backing tracks for mobile devices and will be helping people learn chords to their favorite songs through these helpful training tools."

Professional instructors and students alike agree backing tracks provide an effective learning method, both for beginners and those who wish to improve upon existing skills. While mastering the basic notes, chords and finger placement are still a vital aspect of learning to play the guitar, most students want to play along with their favorite artists from the beginning. Their frustrations stem from being unable to do so immediately.

When many students strive to play along with their own CD's, they are forced to attempt to keep up with the guitarist, leading to confusion and frustration. This tends to hamper the learning process. The guitar backing tracks found at offer hopeful musicians their favorite songs from varying musical genres. These tracks feature piano and drum instrumentals, allowing guitar students to join the song when they feel ready and progress at their own pace. They are able to take part in the songs they enjoy while successfully learning and honing their skills. Research has proven students in any field learn more quickly and to a greater degree when lessons are exciting and more enjoyable.

Concluded Schwartz, "We are currently in the process of hiring the most skilled guitar teachers in the industry and will be offering guitar lessons near the end of this year. Shred Source has opened registration and will be accepting 300 students for our specialized guitar training course. Those interested may sign up for lessons at Guitar is easy to learn if you have the right teacher, and we hope to reestablish the joy of learning to play the guitar often lost with traditional teaching techniques."

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Through specialized techniques and training methods, Shred Source helps aspiring musicians learn how to play guitar quickly and effectively improve their skill set.