Siam Dual Screen Phone Visits AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson with Reverend Jesse Jackson


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- AT&T (T) CEO Randall Stephenson met late last week with Siam Smartphone founder, Darius Allen closed door meeting at AT&T headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Reverend Jesse Jackson and Senator Royce West were also in attendance. The meeting was in response to the nationwide call for major companies in the Technology Sector to address the lack of diversity in both senior management roles and strategic partnerships.

Allen has been in development of a new smartphone line that incorporates features unique to the mobile industry, and face the struggles of launching in an intensely competitive market as well as securing alliances with major corporations like AT&T. Allen’s dual screen product is an example of an independently developed product line, developed by an African American Company, that struggles to get attention in the Technology Sector.

“Meeting with AT&T today made me realize that the both sides have the desire to meet and collaborate – but the mechanism to bridge major players with the Black Tech Culture – has yet to be established. It was apparent to me that Randall Stephenson was interested in working with us and without this introduction - it would not have been possible. I consider this a landmark relationship for both the Diversity Movement and my company, I hope AT&T feels the same way.” – Darius Allen, CEO Siam Smartphone

Recent news headlines identify an apparent lack of diversity that lingers in corporate giants. Face to face introductions and strategic partnerships like the meeting held at AT&T, as well as efforts made by Google become transparent in hiring and employee advancement, illustrate willingness of some companies to address the situation.

Reverend Jesse Jackson initiated these efforts as he addressed corporate board meetings across the Technology Sector earlier this year. Jackson’s effort to encourage more hiring of African-Americans, Latinos and women in technology has resulted in several corporations to release and examine hiring and advancement policy. The longtime civil rights leader continues to identify opportunities for equity and fairness. Notably, Google’s admission last month that Google was not doing enough has spurred speculation that public companies will need to release and address these issues.

The Siam Smartphone is the new full color dual screen phone designed for multi-tasking. Siam offers dual operating systems (Android and Windows), real-time language translation, encrypted messaging platform, virtual assistance, dual external sound system, enhanced ear bud system and waterproofing.

Additionally, biometric security by Descartes Biometrics was announced earlier this year after a technology summit for US policymakers was held in Washington, DC.

Plans and contributors to the Siam Smartphone will be released as the product draws nearer to market. The initial launch, pricing and availability through the AT&T supply chain have yet to be announced.

Pictured from left to right: Darius Allen, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and Senator Royce West

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