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Siblings Join Forces in Unique Literary Collaboration; Educating, Informing & Inspiring Fellow Youths

With two hugely-successful books to their name and exciting new releases in the pipeline, L.R.E McGlotham fuse unique creativity with their own life experiences to produce fiction that educates, entertains and trains inquiring minds of their young generation.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- While many authors join forces for success, no collaboration is quite as unique as L.R.E. McGlotham. Comprised of two brothers and their sister, the literary trio are making waves up and down the country for their unique brand of writing that tackles youth hot topics and empowers great change.

The family already has two children’s books on the market; both carrying a compelling message that can potentially change the lives of readers.

Special Place: The Special Place looks at a young boy and his family as they deal with loss and losing the one thing that made them happy. The story follows their search for a return to joy and happiness to their family after a tragic loss. The artwork is vibrant and the story evokes intense feelings when read by children and adults alike. Let a book touch you and know you too can find that Special Place if you look deep enough.

I Didn’t Do Nuthin: I Didn't Do Nuthin' is a story about a boy that always seems to get into trouble because of his behavior in class, at home and on the playground. The story leads the reader through the boy's decisions and inner thoughts as he realizes the art he has played in bullying those around him. The story follows the youngsters’ journey to discovering the power of bullying with his family classmates and himself. The artwork is vibrant and the story provides a framework for opening up a discussion about bullying.

As the authors explain, they also have exciting new releases hitting the shelves this year.

“We’re most excited about the ‘Q-Fox’ series, which focuses on character building. Q-Fox is an impulsive protagonist who requires the help of the Sunflower Valley Community to work together and keep his life on track. The books emphasize different character traits and instil the importance of good character,” say the siblings.

Adding, “There’s also a very delightful Christmas story coming out this fall, titled ‘Popgun Christmas’, the narrative teaches that love is the true gift of the holiday season.”

Proceeds from the sale of each book help fund key elements of the siblings’ self-founded L.R.E McGlotham Foundation, split into four vital areas:

- The development books that educate, train values, and entertain the minds of youth
- Continued education of teachers in new technology, techniques and opportunities to better educate their students
- Assisting in the continued education of students through supportive scholarships
- Developing mentorships between students, educators, parents and corporate partners to grow the minds of the future

“We want everyone to work together to ensure that no child is ever left behind. Our foundation seeks to help parents grow their own child’s academic ability and allow them to excel in all areas of their personal and educational development,” they add.

With each book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

For more information, visit: http://lremcglotham.com

About L.R.E McGlotham
L.R.E McGlotham is a combination of writers that combine to make L.R.E. McGlotham to create a series of books that ” educate, train values, and entertain the minds of youth.

The books written by L.R.E McGlotham are stories from the heart inspired by real-life experiences. The authors deliver stories that will make the reader smile, cry, chuckle and think about their own decisions or experiences. The real life connections, and span of character lessons taught through personal interactions provide L.R.E. with a fresh new pallet of wonderful stories to share in vibrant and life lifting lessons when read by all. So come along as L.R.E. takes you on a thought provoking and exciting ride in each of these great books