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Sidekicks Sports Is Launching the "Toy of 2017"


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2017 -- Sidekicks Sports today announced the launch newly upgraded skateboard. Hundreds of these boards have already been tested by Beta testers with very high satisfaction being noted.

"We started this company determined to deliver quality products that will bring families together with fun- and we've already had incredible success—we knew that people wanted a quality children's skateboard, but we didn't realize how fantastic this board is" said Drew Hoffman, Founder and Chief Skate Officer at Sidekicks Sports. "I also personally believe that our success in such a short time can be attributed to our focus on over-delivering to customers as we work to provide a portable, easy-to-use equivalent of a commercial coffee grinder at a great price."

The quality "penny board" skateboard by Sidekicks Sports was designed to be easy to use, allowing children to be riding (safely of course), in the first 3-5 minutes. Depending on how users like to ride their boards, the boards can offer almost every imaginable riding position.

Publicity about the boards has spread all over the internet, with industry enthusiasts such as Nathan "the board man" naming the Sidekicks product his new "Best children's toy under $50 of 2017" in this in-depth reviews of the board.

Thanks to the highest quality, BPA free plastics, the board is highly durable and requires no batteries in order to operate, making it the perfect birthday, or Christmas gift. The Sidekicks board is also ideal for enjoying on the boardwalk, at the park, or with friends, without the jarring usually associated with a skateboard.

Following the company's successful first quarter, Sidekicks Sports has already started working on a new range of products and services for its customers over the rest of 2017 and further into 2018. In addition to new products, Sidekicks Sports will also be releasing a newly reinforced carrying bag to complement past, present, and future models. The advanced wheel design has been tested to last 3 times longer than cheap competitors (I'm looking at you Walmart, and will allow the user to ride (Safely) 18% faster than before.

"The thing that makes Sidekicks Sports so different is their focus on quality and attention to customer satisfaction," says Miguel, a Sidekicks customer. "I have never dealt with a company that has impressed me this much."

In the meantime, "penny board" enthusiasts who have not yet experienced the silent riding and smooth, flowing motion of riding a Sidekicks Sports board can purchase it on here: Each purchase is supported by Sidekicks Sports's 100 percent money back guarantee.

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