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Sideways Designs Publishes Portfolio of Creative Website Creations in New Orleans

Sideways Designs has been a stalwart in creating websites for musicians, artists, authors and businesses and has shared their portfolio demonstrating how Sideways' vision and skillset can help a client express themselves in digital form.


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Web design is partly technical wizardry, partly an art form, and partly engineering. Many designers can manage competency in one or two of these aspects, but few claim mastery in all three. Of them, the artistry is the most difficult to find, and that is perhaps why Sideways Designs is so loved by creatives. They have successfully mastered all three elements, with their emphasis landing on unique presentation. To demonstrate their work they have now organized a portfolio that shows heavyweight websites with a graceful lightness of touch created for some of the country’s foremost creatives. What’s more, they feature state of the art strategic marketing which means they perform as impressively as they are formed.

The new portfolio includes work for guitarist Seth Winters, music production business Madjac Music, creative firm Asprodites Reps, New York Times Bestselling author Claudia Gray, New Orleans native band The Revivalists, local artist Rhodes Art, and local fashion design & ecological non-profit Righteous Fur.

These sites do far more than look pretty however, as Sideways Designs also specializes in SEO marketing consultation, helping design websites from the ground up that are optimized to organically generate leads and connect new potential audiences to the material found on the site.

A spokesperson for Sideways Designs explained, “Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important strategic factors in making a website that works for users as well as for the owner. It enables sites to be found by people looking for goods and services like those on the site, and helps users trust and believe in a company or individual as being an authority in their field. Our portfolio demonstrates how such strategic concerns needn’t interfere with creative and varied design work, providing both efficient and imaginative creations that reflect the personality and perspective of the person they represent. Once the website is complete the SEO work is not finished. We offer ongoing SEO consultancy ensuring that a website continues to grow its visibility in order to produce more visitors and ultimately profit. All of our SEO techniques are battle hardened and have been used successfully on dozens and dozens of websites to great effect. Anybody who wants more website traffic should contact us to see what we can do for them.”

About Sideways Designs
Sideways Designs is a New Orleans, LA based creative design company owned and directed by designer Josh Pitts. Specializing in personalized solutions for non-profits, small businesses, artists & musicians in the New Orleans area and abroad, their services include custom website design, graphic design, marketing consultation, search engine optimization (SEO), and photography. For more information please visit: