Sidora Marketing

Sidora Marketing Expanded Its Territory to Europe, Japan and Taiwan

A renewed trilingual web service to deliver cross-market information in mobile games.


Jyvaskyla, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Sidora Marketing, a marketing agency who provides channels for western mobile game developers to enter Japan and Taiwan, announces today the renewal of its trilingual web service to deliver market information crossing multiple nations.

What could be the service to make people go cross the barriers of culture and language? There has been translation service, the Internet technology, advanced transportation developed in the past years, but the huge barriers between different cultures and languages are still there. Sidora Marketing shows passion in their jobs to deliver the critical information from markets to people in different countries. Through the renewal of its trilingual web service, Sidora Marketing delivers market information from Japan and Taiwan to mobile game developers and publishers in Europe.

"This is not easy", said Ken Cheng, CEO of Sidora Marketing, "Europe, China and Japan are 3 of the most significant markets in the world, but there are extremely few people who can access these markets at the same time, not even to mention how to collect and deliver critical game-related market information from and to people in different markets." In the web service of Sidora Marketing, the latest information such as market data, user features, conference reports, game developer interviews in Europe, Japan and Taiwan is picked up and translated regularly. Through this trilingual web service, people have more channels to see, feel and learn what is special or important in different cultures and markets.

About Ken Cheng
Ken Cheng is born and raised in Taiwan. He studied and worked in Japan for 8 years after completed his bachelor's degree in Taiwan. He is now living in Finland and can clearly feel the difference among Taiwan, Japan and Finland through his interactions to people and professional experience in each country. He respects each culture and tries all the time to know and learn the hidden thoughts behind each culture. Ken Cheng feels and believes there is always important value inside the difference between cultures that Sidora Marketing can identify and deliver to the world.

Sidora Marketing's vision is to identify the hidden value between different cultures and deliver it to human society.