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Siemens Transforms How Hand Injuries at Work Are Addressed: The Accident Team Comments


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- Recent news has drawn attention to the importance of addressing hand injuries in the workplace more effectively; with Siemens factories bringing in a 'Zero Harm' policy. In many areas of employment, the hands are used intensively - especially in manufacturing industries – and this can result in injury, especially due to stress and strain. The involvement of big businesses in aiming to reduce workplace injuries, with a particular focus on hands, is growing. This emphasizes the importance of safety being upheld as well as those affected by inconsistent standards coming forward, as suggested by personal injury experts such as The Accident Team. Addressing hand injuries through legal support as well as prevention is set to be a significant focus over the coming months.

Whatever the mode of work, employers have a responsibility to minimise risk of injury. A successful example, addressing hand injury directly, is an initiative in Siemens factories. Siemens is a recognised technology manufacturer, and has recently added to the benefits of its 'Zero Harm' working policy through providing improved equipment to protect the hands of employees.

The Zero Harm approach from Siemens is considered an inspiration to other workplaces. It aims for zero harm to employees, customers and the environment; upholding ethical practices and regularly reviewing its conduct. Recently focusing on hands – as manufacturing work is particularly 'hands-on' – the company took steps to improve the safety gloves given to staff. Providing appropriate safety equipment for employees is a legal right and Siemens give a key example of a business fulfilling this to the best extent; opting for a more durable, flexible glove. The results have been profound, with the business reporting a reduction of hand injuries since 2014 by 47%.

Other measures taken by Siemens include the encouragement of a workplace culture where every employee has the opportunity to speak out on issues of safety and challenge any risky behaviour. This involvement of employees actively within health and safety processes could be seen as an important progressive attitude. Keen to comment on the news was The Accident Team, experts in personal injury law. A spokesperson had this to say:

"Hand injuries can be common in the workplace and therefore to see businesses taking active steps to minimise this, along with the promotion of an engaging health and safety culture in the workplace, is highly positive. This certainly should be an aspiration for workplaces going forward into 2016."

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