SightPhonics Continues to Help Teach Adults and Teens How to Read Online

Reading Program Born from Students with Disabilities Classes Works Effectively for All


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- Reading is something we do on a daily basis that many of us take for granted. Learning to read simply goes hand-in-hand with growing up here in the United States, but unfortunately there are thousands upon thousands of teenagers and adults who struggle to acquire this highly useful skill. Going through life without this ability is crippling, to say the least, and can easily cause a cornucopia of issues down the road. Fortunately, one California educator developed a program 20 years ago that has been changing the lives of eager students all across the nation. SightPhonics is an online program developed nearly accidentally that has helped numerous students over the years learn how to read. Created for use with teenagers, its methods are professional, structured, and proven to work.

When Patricia Lear created the SightPhonics program in the mid-90s, she had no clue it would be later used as a successful tool for adults and teenagers alike. After its inception as a tool for teenagers with disabilities, Patricia lent it to a fellow educator desperately seeking a solution for her students. Four of her students had to return to the Adult Education course, having not learned to read. Six months later, all four students made their state benchmarks twice, and the rest is history. From there the program was made available online for aspiring readers and has since been a rousing success. With 5000 words for practice provided, it is no surprise the program has made such a substantial impact on learners everywhere.

"An online reading program makes sense for a lot of reasons, especially from a pacing standpoint. Students can learn at their own speed, and spend the time they need to fully comprehend the concepts and the methodology," commented Patricia. She continued, saying "Ultimately, I'm still surprised just how successful this program has been, and continues to be, after such humble beginnings as a simple teaching tool for some teenagers."

About SightPhonics
SightPhonics is a program developed by Patricia Lear in the mid-90s in response to a need in her classroom of teenagers with learning difficulties. It is also the only just-for-adults reading program that teaches the fundamentals of how to read in an effort to greatly improve reading skills and reading fluency. Included in the program are stories, words, and sentences for practice. All the reading phonics lessons in SightPhonics are also available in audio recordings on CD.