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Newtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2017 -- Residents who are looking to shed a few extra pounds but who are having trouble losing weight or keeping it off are encouraged to contact Signature Medicine today and ask to speak with their professionals providing medical weight loss in Langhorne, PA. Along with helping residents plan their diet and how they can burn extra calories by working out, medical weight loss professionals can help patients break the cycle of yo-yo dieting by committing to a weight loss program that constitutes a lifestyle change - not just a temporary diet.

Losing weight is difficult - even those who are able to stick to strict diet and exercise plans may have trouble shedding the last couple of pounds to get to their goal weights, and many who do not take the time to make a psychological shift along with their shift in physical activity levels and eating habits. Temporary diets are not effective in and of themselves when it comes to losing weight and maintaining weight loss; along with these changes must come psychological changes that help the patient avoid slipping back into their old eating and activity habits when they eventually reach the end of their weight loss journey. Concierge medicine in New Hope, PA doesn't just help residents lose the weight that they need to in order to stay healthy - it helps patients to make a change to their lives in order to lose the weight and keep it off.

Residents who are interested in learning more about how holistic weight loss plans can better help them to live more healthy lifestyles are encouraged to contact Signature Medicine today by calling 215.240.7374 or by visiting their team online at

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Signature Medicine is a concierge medicine practice led by Dr. Ashish Sitapara that takes a patient-focused approach to providing care while utilizing the latest innovations in the industry. Serving the Lower Bucks County region of PA, Dr. Sitapara and his highly qualified patient care team provides primary medicine 24/7 that is tailored to every individual's specific needs. Through around-the-clock communication, patients are cared for on a personalized level at their convenience.

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