Significance of Jack Enrile His Faith and His Religion


Cagayan, Phillipines -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- One should never take too lightly the significant role religion plays in the way in which the people of this country cast their vote for a particular senatorial candidate; needless to say, in this year’s fiercely contested senatorial elections, a large majority of the senatorial candidates are emphasizing their seemingly strong religious beliefs in order that the religious voters of this country, who constitute a huge chunk of the voting populace, will be won over; thus, to take an example, popular senatorial candidate Jack Enrile is also highlighting the importance of Jack Enrile his faith and his religion, for the prime reason that it is helping him win the hearts and minds of the voters with religious inclinations. Taking a look at recent statistics, one will notice that the biggest religious denomination in the entire country remains to be Roman Catholicism. This fact is surprising in Jack Enrile’s case, because, even though he was raised as a Roman Catholic, Jack is, on the face of it, a born-again Christian, one of the smaller religious denominations in the country. The proof lies in some of his statements --- “I believe in the God of the Bible. I was raised a Catholic, but I’ve had a personal relationship with the Lord in 1994, and I discovered that the Lord loves me, that I’m forgiven and that by grace I am saved” --- and in his controversial decision to vote “Yes” for the implementation of the very contentious RH Bill. For some political candidates, these things would be enough to earn the mistrust of most religious voters; on the other hand, Jack, according to the recent Pulse Asia survey, is still one of the twelve most popular senatorial candidates. Thus, one wants to know how Jack is winning so much support from religious voters, and the answer to this question lies in his personal dedication in helping the poor and less fortunate.

Helping the needy, the poor, and the less fortunate is something that religion consistently teaches, and this is exactly what happened with Jack Enrile his faith and his religion. Jack has made a personal advocacy to find solutions to the major problems of the less fortunate citizens of this country. As a result, in order to combat the problem of hunger, Jack coauthored the Food Sovereignty Bill which seeks to provide an effective way to provide food to hungry Filipino families all across the country. These works of public service is therefore the main reason why Jack appeals to religious voters.

About Jack Enrile
Juan Castañer Ponce Enrile, Jr. (born on July 16, 1958), also known as Jack Enrile, is a Filipino government official. He is a Representative of the 1st District of Cagayan in the 15th Congress. He is the only son and namesake of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile of Cagayan and the former Ambassador to the Holy See, Cristina Castañer of Manila. He is married to former Cagayan Province Congresswoman Salvacion “Sally” Santiago. Sally traces her roots to the Santiagos of Angat and Guiguinto, Bulacan.