Sile Smithwich, the New Book from Ewan Lillicii, Is Available Now on

The story of a girl who abandons her man but leaves her love swirling around his heart. In deserted agony, he projects his desire onto another who catalyzes his return from the depths. Is the projection genuine or just a shade of the truth?


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Ewan Lillicii's latest short story tells the story of a man's return from the depths of depression after an excruciating romantic breakup. Simultaneously, it seeks to lead the reader through the steps of the Kubler-Ross pattern and a building awareness of the power of psychological projection in relationships and in everyday life.

This book is an example of the powerful writing you can expect from Ewan Lillicii. A relatively new author with a wealth of stories garnered from a lifetime of finding himself in unique situations. In the spirit of Hunter Thompson, Henry Miller, and Warren Zevon. Ewan is a writer who dares to tell the most truth that his readers can handle while crafting dramas that you simply cannot put down.

About the Author: Ewan Lillicii
Ewan Lillicii has written two short stories, including the soon to be released "Kelly Yvonne" and the much anticipated "Perennial Martyr" series - "Muñeca", "Island", and "Compass".

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