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Silent Tears: Searing Book by Former Pastor's Wife Exposes Harrowing Abuse & Family's Transition from Victims to Victors

Written by Stephanie C. Smith and bravely recounting many of her life’s experiences, ‘Silent Tears: The Life of a Former Pastor’s Wife’ is a raw and uncut journey through discoveries the author’s family never expected to make. Forced to become victims of verbal, mental and physical abuse, the author and her daughter took an early stance and decided to instead become the victors. Smith’s intense book tells their story from discovery to recovery, with no punches pulled.


Newport News, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- While married to a respected Pastor, Stephanie Smith looked up on her husband as a man of God and pillar of their close-knit community. However, Smith and her entire family’s life was dramatically turned upside down after this supposed Christian leader turned into a monstrous abuser.

It’s a story no family wants to be able to tell, but one the world needs to hear. ‘Silent Tears: The Life of a Former Pastor’s Wife’ recounts the Smith family ordeal in the hope that it can bring solace to others who are afraid to break their own silence.


Silent Tears reveals the challenges, abuse, and control the author experienced during her marriage to a former pastor and her motivation to no longer be a victim but to become the victor.

This book will be an inspiration to anyone who has been victimized in their life.

“Our situation really did go from bad to worse. I was already somewhat used to being the victim of physical, verbal and mental abuse – but our entire family hit rock-bottom after we discovered that my husband had molested my oldest daughter. This forced us to enter the tumultuous United States legal system and this journey in itself forms a big part of the book. While we had no choice but to become victims, we had a bold goal – to eventually become the victors,” says Smith, who works as a passionate school counselor.

Continuing, “We want to inspire other victims to make the same radical transition and eventually triumph through their adversity. Nobody should be ashamed of their abuse and we all have the strength to leave the detriment behind. My book will help people find that much-needed strength and afford them the bright future they are currently only dreaming of.”

Since its release, the book has received overwhelming reviews.

“This book is short and moves rapidly, however deals with very real emotions, thoughts, struggles, and various other elements often present when women find themselves in a wrong relationship. I highly recommend this book for any woman who feels like she can't find her way out of a wrong relationship and not just survive, but thrive!” says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.

C. Harvey was equally as impressed, adding, “I couldn't put this book down! The author tells her story in a way that you actually feel what she must have felt. I was shocked and horrified but later felt peace and redemption. This is such a moving story....a must read for women of all ages! Thank you for sharing, Ms. Smith. God Bless you!”’

‘Silent Tears: The Life of a Former Pastor’s Wife’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1brTEmh.

About Stephanie C. Smith
Stephanie C. Smith resides in Virginia. She is the proud mother of four children and one grandson. Stephanie has two master's degrees in education, one in the specialization of school counseling and the other in interdisciplinary studies. She is currently employed in education as a school counselor. Her vision is to spread the message that one does not have to stay a victim but can become the victor. She wants this message to reach millions and lives to be changed.