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Siler Extract Market to Witness a Substantial Growth in the Near Future


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2017 -- Siler Extract Market Introduction:

The Saposhnikovia divaricate or siler, is a herb, and popularly known as Fang Feng in Chinese herbal medicine. It is an important herbal ingredient used in many herbal medicinal formulae. The siler root extract has various medicinal properties and thus being popular herbal medicine since ancient times in china.

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Siler extract possess antioxidant and anti-proliferative properties. It is effective in treatment of colds, and body aches, joint pains, chills, diarrhea, and tremors. Siler extract is also a useful remedy for lockjaw, general convulsions, and tetanus. Siler root extract has an antimicrobial effect and has been shown to inhibit influenza viruses and also useful in sinus. Thus, considering its various benefits and medicinal properties siler extract market demand is higher and expected to expand at higher growth rate over the forecast period.

Siler Extract Market Segmentation:

Siler extract market is segmented on the basis of its applications in pharmaceutical, herbal medicines, and in nutritional supplements etc. Siler extract has proven helpful in cure of four meridians of bladder, spleen, lung, and liver. Its vital functions are relieving pain by removing dampness, relieving itching, and effective in spasmolysis. Thus, market demand from pharmaceutical and herbal medicine industry is higher and expected to grow rapidly over the forecast period. Herbal medicine market is expanding at a higher rate which is in turn expected to drive market demand for siler extract.

Siler extract market is further segmented on the basis of product form available in the market as liquid and powder form, powder is also sold in capsule form. The different form is used for different application and purpose.

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Siler extract market is also segmented on basis of regions includes North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Europe and Asia pacific. China is major producer of siler extract followed by Japan, from Asia Pacific regional markets thus, Asia Pacific is major exporter market of siler extract to the world. However, as traditionally being used as herbal medicine China consumes major part of the production into various herbal as well as pharmaceutical preparations.

Siler Extract Market Drivers:

Siler extract possess high market demand from pharmaceutical market segments as due to its various uses in treatment of various disease conditions. It is useful in treatment of tetanus, trembling of the hands and feet , painful diarrhea with bright blood in the stool, migraines, it may help antidote arsenic poisoning etc. In Chinese herbal medicine siler extract is blended or mixed with other herb extract and different medicinal formula for disease treatments can be formulated thus market demand from herbal medicine segment is growing continuously.

Siler extract contains nutrients which includes Beta Sitosterol, volatile oil, and Mannitol etc. Beta Sitosterol is plant Sterol useful in lowering cholesterol thus market demand from health supplements is expected to grow at a significant rate over the forecast period.

Looking at various health benefits of siler extract driving attraction of researchers and various pharmaceutical industries, thus are investing in R & D for siler extract products and medicines, in turn driving market demand for extracts. Increasing popularity of herbal medicine and shifting consumer preferences towards herbal and natural medicine is another factor expected to drive growth of the global siler extract market over the forecast period.

Siler Extract Market Key Players:

Key players operating in siler extract market are Hawaii Pharma, Changsha Vigorous-tech Co., Ltd, Hunan Nutramax Inc., Hill Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. , Shaanxi Xinya Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Considering the continuous growth in market demand for Siler extract globally, various new entries are expected into the market to grab upcoming opportunities over the forecast period.