Silibake Releases New Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Glass

With experience in bringing unique innovation to the kitchen, Silibake has launched a brand new product aimed at making the tea drinking experience even better for everyone with their all inclusive loose leaf Tea Infuser Mug.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2016 -- Silibake is a company well known for bringing unique and innovative tools into the kitchen which often incorporate silicone in ways customers might not have imagined. Now, they bring yet another amazing product to the table, the Silibake Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Glass. Set to fulfill every tea lover's needs, this glass is sure to take the market by storm.

With so many different kinds of loose leaf tea out there, having a go-to tea glass that can really keep up with the changing needs and tastes of every tea drinker out there is not as easy as it may sound. A variety of tastes, coupled with a wide array of preferences in a product has created a market with needs that stretch across quite a spectrum. Silibake has worked hard to meet this call, and with their new tea infuser mug, it's apparent that they are meeting the demand of customers worldwide.

"Silibake tries hard to listen to the people, since that's where we will win or lose," explains Kurt McCall of the Silibake design team. "By listening to our customers and by incorporating what we hear into our newest products, we can fill a need, which is exactly what we've done with our new tea infuser glass. This is the culmination of ideas from real world customers and the innovation behind Silibake."

This new tea maker offers the innovation that customers have come to expect from Silibake. A silicone sleeve keeps customer hands cool and comfortable despite the hot liquid within, and the patented stainless steel and silicone strainer keeps all the little particles from drifting around in your beverage while allowing plenty of flow.

"This basically means that we've designed our new tea infuser glass to give customers the best tea drinking experience possible by allowing the tea to steep fully without getting into what you drink," says McCall. "No one likes particles in their tea and we've all but eliminated that with our newest product."

Some other features of the Silibake tea infuser glass include double walled glass to help keep the beverage inside the glass hot, a special lid to keep the heat and aroma inside the glass until you are ready to drink it, which turns into a saucer for the strainer once the tea is brewed, and a decorative design that is sure to be the talk of the office

To celebrate the launch of their newest product, Silibake is offering their new Tea Infuser mug on Amazon in three bright colors - green, red, and blue.

About Silibake
Silibake is a small company that is family owned and operated. Since their inception, they have worked to bring creative solutions to the everyday kitchen, incorporating silicone into products that offer new answers to old kitchen-based problems faced by consumers around the world.

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