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Silicon Beach Digital Levels SEO Playing Field with Release of Revolutionary New Service


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Silicon Beach Digital, a digital marketing firm known for its own blend of SEO magic, announces the launch of a "game-changing" new SEO service that will revolutionize the way businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs and marketing firms think about search engine optimization, or SEO. The Santa Monica-based company has been building this new method of delivering SEO for release on Monday, September 9th.

The new service works off the concept of guaranteed SEO, which Silicon Beach Digital feels will completely revolutionize the industry's status quo. Providing a healthy return on every campaign, the new tool also makes SEO accessible to everyone, essentially leveling the playing field for firms and business not able to afford the high costs associated with professional-grade SEO services. Silicon Beach Digital has worked with businesses of all types and sizes from food blogs to Fortune 500 companies. They remain committed to providing an SEO solution that works for all budgets.

"We saw an opportunity to redefine the landscape of the SEO market place. SEO, being a relatively nascent commodity, inherited a number of first-iteration norms that we are completely doing away with," said Adam Wes, co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles SEO firm.

In January 2013, Silicon Beach Digital gained new Chief Technical Officer, Parsa Namazi, and has since been focusing on systems that would service 100 to 1000 times its recent volume.

"Our SEO service is fantastic, and that is why it is absolutely imperative that we develop a means of servicing more than just clients with $100,000 marketing budgets," CTO Namazi explained. "We want to bring our SEO to the masses so that they can also build their businesses from the ground up."

The art of search engine optimization involves conveying to search engines information that indicates a site is the most relevant search result for a business' most lucrative or important search terms. Nearly every business website that ranks on the first page of the search engines has gotten there by some kind of SEO strategy. With Silicon Beach Digital's new service, this kind of SEO success can be available to everyone, not just those able to cross the high-cost barrier associated with professional SEO firms.

About Silicon Beach Digital
Headquartered in Santa Monica, the "other" Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach Digital focuses solely on SEO and has gained a loyal following in the past few years, becoming one of the top SEO companies in Los Angeles. The company has gained a reputation for its short ranking duration and long term ranking resilience. For more information, visit http://www.siliconbeachdigital.com/.