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Silicon Earplugs for Protection Against Loud Sounds Launched

Manufactured by EarWarrior, these are known for their effectiveness


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2016 -- People can find quality silicone ear plugs for $29.99 at These have a number of attractive features that help people in preventing their ears from getting affected by loud sounds. They have been described as being safe and have been manufactured using the best materials available. Many users have found these to be handy when faced with loud music, etc.

Whenever someone visits a club or attends a party, the loud sounds in such situations can affect the ears and create a ringing effect after some time. This can be quite daunting and can even cause headaches if it becomes persistent. However, missing such events can also be disappointing. In order to enjoy such an evening without facing any repercussions, plugs for ears can be considered.

EarWarrior is known for designing the best earplugs. They have a team of experts who create these noise cancelling tools that can be used easily. When it comes to this specific product, there are two filters available in the package. The first one is for medium protection and the latter, when the sound is very loud. Both of these have been tested and have found to be safe for usage.

The website says, "There have been a few cases in which listening to loud music frequently have impaired the hearing ability in people. In an effort to prevent the same, we have created these silicone ear plugs for all. They are compact in size and can be used by anyone who is prone to be affected by loud sounds. These come with a life time guarantee and the filters are differentiated by colors for convenience. They are readily available and are priced competitively. "

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The website claims that there is a next day delivery option available for all those who are interested. Most of the reviews for this product have been fairly positive. With a free shipping offer for orders over $49, this has earned the interest of a number of shoppers. Users can contact the manufacturers at the informative provided below for more details about the efficiency of these ear plugs.

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