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Silicon Valley Hackers Explains How to Hire a Hacker in SILICON VALLEY

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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- Hackers are often assumed to be shady people who are required to delve into a shadowy underworld filled with people using cheap pre-paid credit cards. However, the reality is that there are “white hat” or “ethical hackers” who can be utilized for basic password cracking, coding and creative marketing tactics.

When making a Google search about ethical hacking companies, one might come across a number of organizations including Silicon Valley Hackers, who use the same tools, tricks, and techniques that criminal hackers use, however, the target’s permission is granted in a professional setting.

Facebook describes its corporate culture as “the hacker way.” On its new campus, a 57-acre office park in Menlo Park, California, there is a building with a big sign that reads “The Hacker Company.” Facebook is not using hackers in a harmful way, but rather, they are working achieving their goals in an unconventional way.

With the notorious website, the government hired an “ethical hacker” to test the security of the website. Ethical hackers can also be beneficial to any businesses who want to protect their network or to manage their online presence.

Silicon Valley Hackers, which was founded in Palo Alto late in 2010, is an award winning interactive agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to create focused media and interactive experiences. The company has grown organically through a commitment to creating excellent and innovative work, regardless of the medium. As a team of ethical hackers, creative minds, and big thinkers, Silicon Valley Hackers can offer creative solutions for every web-based project you can think of.

To consult with Silicon Valley Hackers, visit their website at where they offer free consultations by phone or Skype.

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