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Silicon Valley Veterans PC Wholesale Carry World’s Largest Selection of Memory and Transceivers


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2012 -- For an IT professional, one of the most challenging aspects of managing a large network is often the hardware. It’s a truism that the larger the network the more places things can go wrong. It can also be frustrating dealing with multiple suppliers who constantly fail to deliver on what they promise. Often replacement hardware is required urgently and it’s enough to drive a person crazy when that memory module they need within hours is out of stock.

It can also be painful to deal with a vast range of suppliers across a single product category because it’s impossible to find one that stocks a full range. If a network administrator has to contact one supplier for their Cisco memory, another for their Sun memory and a third for their various transceivers, it gets old pretty fast.

Thankfully, savvy IT professionals everywhere have solved these dilemmas by turning to the expert team at PC Wholesale. Stocking perhaps the widest selection of popular Cisco and Sun memory upgrades as well as the world’s largest selection of transceivers, the team at PC-Wholesale.com leaves their competitors in the dust.

The team at PC Wholesale is long-established within the industry as the networking and memory experts, having been established during 2001 in the world’s computing capital, Silicon Valley. Serving their loyal clients for over a decade, PC Wholesale has dedicated itself to providing a complete networking solution. Uniquely, PC Wholesale maintains the world’s largest transceiver inventory, carrying the full range of transceivers from over 40 different manufacturers. In this way, customers can be assured that their days of chasing products from supplier to supplier is over – if PC Wholesale doesn’t have it, it likely doesn’t exist.

From Cisco and Sun memory to the largest ever range of networking transceivers and everything in between, PC Wholesale has the networking industry covered. With products that are fully compatible with major brands including HP, Cisco and Juniper, having multiple suppliers to fulfill an organization’s networking requirements is now a thing of the past. Finally there’s a new way forward for networking professionals everywhere desperate for a comprehensive memory and transceiver source; they just pick up the phone and call PC Wholesale.

About PC Wholesale
PC Wholesale was established in 2001 and is based within the technology capital of the world, the Silicon Valley. Enviably placed as the leading supplier of Cisco and Sun Microsystems memory upgrades anywhere, PC Wholesale also maintains the world’s largest inventory of networking transceivers, including the full line of products offered by over 40 different manufacturers. Further, all PC Wholesale cables and transceivers are covered by an industry-leading LIFETIME advance replacement warranty. For more information, visit http://www.pc-wholesale.com