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Silicone Plastique, Which Lets People Create Their Own Cake Moulds, Is Now Available from MakeBake


Nottinghamshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- MakeBake, a leading cake making and decorating supplier based in the UK, has just introduced an amazing new item that will give people the opportunity to create beautifully-decorated cakes and other baked goods. Called Silicone Plastique, the product allows bakers to make their own unique food grade silicone moulds, which in turn can be used to create literally any type of beautiful decoration for cakes, cookies and more.

Rather than being limited to the selection of food and cake moulds that are available in the marketplace, Silicone Plastique putty allows bakers to make the specific custom food moulds they desire. The moulds are then used to create and shape a plethora of products, including fondant, chocolate, candy mixtures, royal icing and isomalt. While making decorative moulds has traditionally been a time-consuming and challenging task, Silicone Plastique is so easy to use that anybody can make beautiful and professional-looking silicone moulds.

To use Silicone Plastique, which has been referred to as a “cake decoration revolution,” people first need to decide for what object they wish to create a mould. It can be a shape or a patterned object or other decorative item; whatever a baker’s imagination can dream up for decorations, Silicone Plastique can help make it a reality.

“When you have chosen your object, mix together the Silicone Plastique from one of our easy to use Silicone Plastique Make Your Own Moulds Kits,” an article on the MakeBake website explained, adding that once both parts are mixed together, people can begin to apply it to the object.

“Silicone Plastique is workable for 15 minutes to give you plenty of time to create your mould. Next, just wait for your mould to set!”

Because Silicone Plastique is so bendable and flexible, it can be easily peeled off from the decoration after it has set. As a bonus, because Silicone Plastique is sturdy and can handle temperatures up to 400°C, it can be washed in the dishwasher and used again and again.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about Silicone Plastique is welcome to visit the MakeBake website at anytime; there, they can watch an informative video about the amazing product. In addition the “make your own” kits, MakeBake also offers a wide selection of pre-made moulds, including floral and lace designs.

About MakeBake
MakeBake are one of the leading UK based cake making and decorating suppliers. Stocking a huge amount of products for every possible need or desire, the staff at MakeBake are experts and enthusiastic to pass on their knowledge. For more information, please visit http://www.makebake.co.uk