Silobot Wordpress Plugin Released - Price Rises Fast

Internal Linking is one of the most important on page seo factors in the past, find out more about the Silo Bot Plugin and how it takes care about all your linking needs!


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2013 -- Kevin KMR Byrne and Simon Greenhalgh are releasing their new internal Linking Plugin for word press, called Silobot, to the public! Kevin and Simon are both well known internet marketer and entreprenuers and they are responsible for a lot of quality products in the past years, like the Wp Duplizer Plugin or the EasySqueeze system! Both are experts in the field of Search engine optimization, link building and online traffic generation, and they have used their knowledge to develop an effective and completely hands off internal linking solution for word press!

The Silo Bot Plugin builds relevant internal links, pointing to the homepage, and the other most important pages from every other page or post! This focuses the linkjuice from all in coming links to the most important pages! It uses a so called Silo  linking structure, proven to offer a number of benefits for both, search engine spiders and real website visitors!

Some of the amazing Features the Silobot word press plugin has to offer its users :

- Completely automates the internal link development
- Easy interlinks old posts and pages in minutes!
- Proven "SILO" interlinking structure
- Decrease your Bounce Rate
- Increases Time spend on the site by visitors
- Concentrates LinkJuice to the pages where it is needed
- Increases the value of every back link pointing to the domain!
- Completely customizable, including look and feel of the links
- Affiliate Link can be added for increased revenue
- Never links to its self to avoid duplicate content problems
- Lets your visitors discover relevant content easily
- Ensures a search engine spider friendly internal linking structure

The Silobot Wordpress plugin completely takes care of all internal linking needs on complete autopilot, without spending hours for a complicated setup or configuration process! In fact, the entire installation takes less than 10 minutes.

More detailed information, can be found on the official SiloBot Website by following the link below:

Official Silobot Website

About The Silobot Plugin:
The Silobot plugin is sold as dimesale, starting at 9 US Dollar, but the price will increases every few sales! This special offer is only valid for exactly 5 days!

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