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Jinhu, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2020 -- Silver Automation Instruments, reputed manufacturers and suppliers of industrial flow meters in China are pleased to present their latest product range. Flow meters are devices that measure the amount of liquid or matter that passes through the flow sensors. They are basically categorized as gas flow meters, liquid flow meters and steam flow meters. These meters are operated via flow sensors and flow transmitters. The flow meters can be customized according to the technical specifications as required by the clients.

A majority of the flow instruments featured here display both instant flow and totalized flow. They also feature the flow meters in different sizes ranging from one inch to 8 inches. Silver Instruments supply all kinds of gas flow meters, digital flow meters, magnetic flow meters, thermal mass flow meters, oval gear flow meters and the like. Here are a few top selling products by Silver Instruments.

Turbine Flow Meters – The electronic turbine meters can detect gas or liquid flow rate with the help of the volumetric in-line sensor. It can detect middle flow rate of clean, viscose and low corrosive fluids. These are used across industries including fuel, diesel, gasoline, milk, water, RO water, compressed air, etc.

Magnetic Flow Meters – These are preferred over the traditional meters especially when detecting liquid flow rates in closed pipelines. The best thing about these meters is that they can measure contaminated liquid such as grease, mud, etc. especially in industry sewage, residential waste water, aggressive chemical solutions, paper pulp, etc.

Full Bore Electromagnetic Flow Meters – These meters measure the flow of conductive liquids and are not affected by pressure, density, temperature and the flow state of the liquids. They are generally seen in large sized water supply pipelines which operate on low resistance loss.

Oval Gear Flow Meters – Mainly used to measure fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, molasses, marine heavy oil, sauces, creams, resin, etc. these flow meters are the most economical and reliable solutions for the above mentioned applications.

Gas Flow Meter – Turbine gas flow meters are excellent for high and low pressure gas flow. They can send out signal outputs during fluid turbulence and used for measuring natural gas, nitrogen, biogas, LPG, etc.

These are some of the broadly classified flow meters. Based on the accuracy, working principle and their applications, flow meters can be subdivided further into other types. There are many more models available and can be custom made according to the specifications of the clients.

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Silver Automation Instruments based at Jiangsu Province, China is a company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of industrial process instrumentations such as flow measurements, temperature measurements, pressure measurements, level measurements, panel meters and paperless recorders. All the design, manufacturing and packaging is done here in their 50000 square meters state-of-the-art factory. The company focuses on exporting the instrumentations worldwide with OEM facility. Their products are used across industries such as Agricultural Irrigation, Oil & Gas, Industrial Water & Wastewater, Electric Power Generation, Factory Process Control, etc.

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