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Silver Bee Photography Shares How to Prep for a Newborn Portrait

Silver Bee Photography shares a few tips with parents on how to prepare for their newborn's first photo shoot.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Silver Bee Photography specializes in newborn photography. In their latest blog, they help parents plan for their newborn's first photo shoot. “With a bit of prep and planning, your session will run as smooth as a baby's bottom,” says Silver Bee Photography.

The first tip Silver Bee Photography provides is to “get penciled in.” There is a short window of time after the arrival that babies photograph best. This window is usually between 3 and 10 days old. Newborn sessions can be scheduled after that, but, “after 10 days, babies discover the liberation of stretching and getting them to curl up in those cozy poses becomes more difficult,” says Silver Bee Photography. Parents should call to schedule their appointment some time before the third trimester to guarantee a spot on the calendar.

The second tip is to, “Prep the Props.” This includes gathering the family heirlooms, toys, or other objects desired for the session. Parents are also welcome to “peruse [the] collection of props” offered by Silver Bee Photography which includes blankets, knit-hats, and headbands. Together with the photographer parents will discus what textures and colors will work best.

Loosening up the baby's diaper at least thirty minutes before the photo shoot is the third tip. This ensures all the imprint marks disappear. Silver Bee Photography also suggests keeping the baby awake prior to the photo shoot and feeding and burping him immediately before the session. “The curled up baby poses work best when the baby is in a deep sleep,” says Silver Bee Photography. Parents can help with this by making sure the baby arrives to the shoot recently fed and exhausted. And even then, parents should expect frequent cuddling and feeding breaks to ease the baby.

The fifth and sixth tips are all about the parents. Silver Bee Photography understands the uneasiness parents may feel about allowing a semi-stranger to handle their newborn. However, they insist that comfort and safety are two of their top priorities and urge parents to relax during the shoot. Silver Bee Photography is trained and certified in newborn posing and protection. However, they encourage parents to speak up if there is ever a point they become uneasy.

In addition, Silver Bee Photography suggests parents get pampered for the shoot too. Nails should be trim and tidy. “Knit shirts with little to no pattern photograph best,” says Silver Bee Photography. “Parents should also make sure their clothes are ironed or steamed beforehand to avoid wrinkles.”

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