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Popular Silver Coins for Sale Leads to Mint Running Out


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Compared to recently sagging sales of gold bullion coins, silver coins for sale have been running very strongly in 2014, according to numerous corn industry experts. Clearing buyers have apparently decided to avoid gold purchases for now, and transferred their investing or collector activities to silver as a substitute. Over the last year sales of American Silver Eagles have climbed, report observers, and recently obtained the fourth highest sales month in history (almost 7,500,000 were sold in January 2013). According to Coin News, “monthly figures cannot paint a complete picture of demand for the 99.9% pure silver coins because the U.S. Mint continues to limit how many are sold.”

The shortages are causing many instances where the Mint runs out for available coins. The release of a commemorative baseball themed silver coin in March 2014 similarly met with highly active trading. "Baseball and the United States Mint – two American treasures – are teaming up to produce a historic one-of-a-kind coin program," said United States Treasurer Rosie Rios in announcing the Baseball Coin Design Competition. "Baseball is a touchstone in American history, and the United States Mint connects Americans to their history through coins. The Treasury Department is proud to be part of this commemorative coin program."

A major reason why silver coins for sale maintain their explosive popularity on their affordability compared to gold and other precious metal coins. This makes the marketplace and universe of buyers robust, and keeps these coins in high demand, for even when the price becomes “high” it is still very cheap compared to buying gold bullion. As Matthew Carr at states,” What’s surprising is that the majority of sales are in the form of the box of 500 one-ounce silver coins the mint offers. Investors can’t get their hands on enough of them. And it smells of stockpiling, either for the apocalypse or financial collapse.”

The versatility of silver coins for sale also surpasses that of gold, in that the broad range of bullion available can be used to invest regardless of the nation that issued the coins. American, Swiss, French, Greek and other countries have issued investment grade or collectible coins that can be valuable for resale (or for post-apocalyptic exchange purposes, should that come to pass). Until gold rebounds, coin investors anticipate the strong demand for silver coins to persist as a backup investment.

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