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Silver Enamel Market Opportunity Assessment Study 2020


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2018 -- Silver enamel paint is paint that air-dries quickly to an unusually glossy, hard finish. It is primarily employed in the coating of outdoor surfaces that are subject to hard wear or harsh temperatures. Commercially available enamels including silver enamel is comparatively softer than stoved synthetic resins and vitreous enamel and comprises a completely different composition. The term 'enamel paint' is primarily used to describe oil based products, with significant quantity of gloss in them. Silver enamel paint is an alkyd resin based paint and is manufactured by addition of varnish to oil based paint.

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Silver enamel products are used in the manufacture of dental equipment and are used for dental fillings. Silver enamel products are popular dental restorative material because of their low cost, strength, durability and ease of application. They are long lasting, have a better performance than other fillings, applicable for broad range of clinical performance and are of better quality. However, its popularity is diminishing today because of concerns of toxicity, allergic potential and inferior aesthetics quality. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended labeling of dental products, which includes a warning against using the product in patients who have an allergy to silver. In addition, it has a warning that dental professionals follow a proper protocol while handling dental products that are manufactured from silver enamel and a statement mentioning the risks and benefits of silver enamel so that patients and dentist can make informed decisions. Moreover, silver enamel is also used in the manufacturing of silver earrings, cigarette cases, jewelry and silver enamel animals among others.

The continued use of silver enamel fillings in dental applications will be a major driving factor for silver enamel industry. The FDI World Dental Federation has reaffirmed the safety of use of silver enamel in dentistry and hence dentists all around the world use it. Majority of dental restorations depend on silver enamel and hence it has a significant market. However, development of viable substitutes, growth of dental composites market and lack of awareness could hamper the growth of this market. In addition, the silver enamel is used largely in the jewelry industry to coat earrings, chains, rings etc… Due to the growth in the jewelry industry especially in developing countries like India and China the market for silver enamel is anticipated to rise over the next few years.

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Some of the key companies manufacturing silver enamel include Pamco International, Guangzhou Huifu Jewelry Co., Ltd. etc.