Silver Automation Instruments Ltd.

Silver Instruments Unveils High-Performance Low Flow Flow Meter for Global Industries

Silver Instruments, a China-based supplier instruments supplier, provides customized and innovative low-flow flow meter to various industries worldwide.


Jiangsu, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2023 -- Silver Instruments, the leading supplier of low-flow flow meter in China, is proud to announce its commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to customers around the world.

With a focus on strict quality control management, Silver Instruments stands out in the industry for its high-quality service, reliable measurement equipment, competitive prices, and customized equipment. These features enable industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical industry, medical devices, environmental monitoring, food and beverage, aerospace, defense, oil and gas industry, and more to benefit from effective low-flow flow meter instrumentations that are efficient and dependable.

An ISO9001:20008 certified company, Silver Instruments specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of a variety of low flow flow meter instrumentations such as low flow gas flow meter, small Coriolis flow meter, micro flow meter, micro-flowrate thermal mass flow meter, low flow fuel flow meter, low flow diesel fuel meters and low flow rotameter for industrial use. With a passion for innovation, Silver Instruments strives to exceed customer expectations by delivering rugged ultra low flow flow meter at competitive prices.

Headquartered in Jiangsu Province, Silver Automation Instruments is the sub-company of Jiangsu RUNYI Instruments. While Silver Automation Instruments focuses on exporting process instrumentations worldwide, RUNYI manufactures parts of the instruments. With good years of expertise in the field, Silver Instruments is committed to providing comprehensive service and peak performance to its customers.

Silver Instruments' low-flow flow meters help customers with low flow rates of gas and liquid flow measurement. Their precision instruments have been designed to accurately measure the mass flow rate of liquids and gases with very low flow rates. Their low-flow flow meters are compact in size, lightweight, and built with high-quality materials to ensure minimal interference with the flow of the liquid. This certainly helps industrial consumers reduce the risk of any external factors affecting the accuracy of measurements.

Each low-flow flow meter offered by Silver Instruments fulfills unique consumer needs and requirements. For instance, Silver Instruments' low flow Coriolis flow meter makes the best choice for gas and steam measurement. Industrial consumers can use the micro-type ultra-low-flow thermal mass flow meter for gas and air flow measurement, and so on. The company also provides low-flow flow meters for strong corrosive liquid flow measurement, gas and liquid measurement, clean liquid measurement, high viscosity and low flow rate measurement, and more.

"We are dedicated to expanding our operations tenfold by building strong business networks and a massive global presence," says the Founder of Silver Automation Instruments. "Each low-flow flow meter aims to meet the highest quality expectations of our customers. We provide a wide range of industrial measurement instruments at competitive prices, which separates us from our competition."

Silver Instruments' commitment to excellence in manufacturing low flow flow meter instrumentations makes it the leading measurement instruments partner in China. Their products can be found in huge installations domestically and worldwide.