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Silver Rock Partners Announces the Firm's Official Launch of Its Website for Affluent Miami Life Insurance Clients

This latest company press release covers the firm’s new attractive and innovative corporate website. It talks about how the firm is meeting client and prospective client demand through leveraging the latest in online technology. Silver Rock Partners is a respected multi-generational life insurance firm that offers insurance products for foreign-nationals as well as estate planning that is tax efficient for the affluent and insurance for the uninsurable.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- Silver Rock Partners, a firm that offers Miami estate planning for the affluent and insurance for high-net-worth Miami families announces its online website portal official launch for its South Florida life insurance clients. Meeting with the firm's long-standing dedication of providing the absolute best in client services, Silver Rock Partners has leveraged modern Internet technology to create a digital communication channel website. The company's new website is designed to provide clients with information, details and specifics regarding a wide range of affluent estate planning services, solutions for the uninsurable and insurance for foreign nationals in Miami. The company continues to explore the latest in innovative technology in order to make life insurance for high-net-worth individuals more accessible and more convenient.

Ronald Roth, the firms managing member and executive with the organization has stated that the company is dedicated to and focused upon providing outstanding service for clients throughout Miami and all of South Florida. With its primary headquarters located in New York, Silver Rock Partners has strategically expanded to South Florida in order to provide affluent individuals with options in estate planning and life insurance products. With a commitment to the best in Miami estate tax efficiency, the firm works closely with high net worth individuals to ensure that family legacies and family estates are protected in the best way possible. By expanding into the Miami market, Silver Rock Partners is making these exclusive services more available to those who demand the very best in high-end estate planning and high-net-worth insurance products. The new website is integral to the firms long range planning.

Silver Rock Partners has earned an impressive reputation throughout the insurance industry, among peers and with prior and existing clients because of its ongoing focus on innovative tax efficiency planning. As a premier Miami life insurance agency, the firm also works hand-in-hand with foreign nationals wishing to maximize tax savings in the United States. The company also addresses many custom solutions for those who are considered uninsurable. This recent announcement with regard to the firm's online website portal official launch for Miami life insurance clients is further confirmation that Silver Rock Partners is a life insurance firm for high net worth individuals that outperforms the competition year after year. Silver Rock Partners is headquartered in New York and has its multigenerational beginnings dating all the way back to the 1930s.

About Silver Rock Partners
Silver Rock Partners is a life insurance firm with multiple office locations across the country. The firm provides valuable services to affluent and high-net-worth individuals in the form of unique life insurance products and estate planning. The company also offers innovative cutting-edge virtual technology that enables clients to experience a virtual estate planning session from the comfort of a home or office. With decades of experience and seasoned life insurance advisors Silver Rock Partners has become one of the most trusted names in specialty life insurance products and services. Foreign nationals requiring more advanced tax efficiency also turn to Silver Rock Partners. In addition, the firm makes available an array of custom solutions for the uninsurable. Silver Rock Partners maintains its headquarters in Melville NY with other convenient office locations in Miami and Los Angeles.

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