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Silver Sky Imports Educates Public About Therapeutic Zen Singing Bowls


Lincoln, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Reporting on Alternative Medicine, writer Cathy Wong reports on a 2008 study of the Swiss Journal “Research in Complementary Medicine.” Wong, a licensed naturopathic doctor and specialist certified by the American College of Nutrition describes how these alternative medical studies were performed. “In this particular study, people with back pain were given sessions of singing bowl therapy, a placeboor absolutely no formal treatment for their various conditions. At the conclusion of the study, their findings revealed patients given the singing bowl sessions and the placebo group experienced a significant decrease in the reported intensity of their pain. In addition, testers noted that participants of the therapeutic singing bowl group found that these sounds created a stress-reducing effect.” She adds, “Given its potential to encourage mind and body relaxation, using Tibetan singing bowls in combination with healing practices like meditation and deep breathing could have a beneficial effect for those seeking relief from pain.”

To meet the needs of those seeking the therapeutic and meditative effects of Singing Bowls, Silver Sky Imports has made it possible for those who cannot travel to Tibet to obtain these objects for themselves through their website at Jeff Howard, Spokesperson for Silver Sky Imports explains the mission of his company. “Silver Sky Imports specializes in the finest collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls. We travel to the region two to three times a year uncovering and handpicking every one of our singing bowls.”

To this Jeff Howard adds, “Tibet is known for its many mountains, monasteries and meditation rituals. We encourage everyone to explore our web pages in search of the perfect sense of peace we hope our products can provide. At silver sky imports, we have developed many treasured relationships in the region and are committed to the aspects of fair trade and providing a living wage for the hard working people of the Himalayas. In addition to the Singing Bowls on our website, we also feature Himalayan Salt Lamps, Bath Salts, Gourmet Himalayan Salt, and Spa Salts.”

Howard further elaborates on how his company is able to offer such a large and varied selection of singing bowls online. He states, “In addition to Zen Bioconcert, Sen Master Meditation and Zen Therapeutic Series Brow Singing Bowls, we offer sound files for each bowl we sell. The resonance and vibrations of these Singing Bowls have a certain gift and ability to reach the very insides of our bodies. For many people their feelings start to flow in unexpected paths and the sound has the ability to bring about peaceful inner transformations.”

About Silver Sky Imports
Silver Sky Imports carries the largest online selection of objects imported directly from Tibet and the Himalayan Mountains. Their featured selection of Singing Bowls include Tibetan, Crystal, Antique, Himalayan, Chakra, Japanese, and Ceramic Singing Bowls, amongst others. They wide selection is made up of Hand Made Singing Bowls, Machine made Singing Bowls, and Alchemy Singing Bowls. These and other variations of Singing Bowls are perfect for vibration based sound therapy, sound therapy training and concert performances.