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Silvering.Biz Announces SLVG Trading Starting from 2nd June 2020 on

Slivering Token Powered by the Ethereum Network as the Most Trusted and Reliable Investments in Digital Age Currency Investments


Vienna, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2020 -- is pleased to announce that their Silvering Token SLVG will start trading from 2nd June 2020 on MercuriEx Exchange, the official exchange partner. Slivering Token or SLVG is an ERC20 Token listed on Trust Wallet. It is now easy and safe to hold or transfer silvering tokens to exchange and other wallets. There is a dramatic growth in demand for silver in many sectors across the globe including medicine, tech, solar energy,etc. thereby creating liquidity in the silver market. Major governments have witnessed a record level of sales with peak production of silver due to the surging demand.

The SLVG token offer investors the purchasing power, stability of investment and acts as a shield against ongoing inflation or hyperinflation. SLVG is portable, divisible, and tangible and endures store of value. Silvering makes a buyback offer every day with 5% from all circulation supply of SLVG on daily currency basis. Physically backed, 100% insured and safely stored in a high security storage in Switzerland, this Silvering Token is a secure and transparent investment. Only with a silver cover it is truly possible for any silvering token to appear in the circulation supply.

Silver is cheaper that other investments and it might even protect the investors against financial crisis. It is one of the most affordable investments for investors with low-risk profile. These tokens represent the investors' actual physical ownership and are powered by the Ethereum Network and can be stored in the ERC20 wallet. Every time a silvering is employed, a tenth transaction fee is incurred. A little of this fee is employed to extend the silver which each token represents. Therefore, the more silvering that is used as money, the more silver will the silvering represent.

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Silvering is a primary silver-backed crypto currency launched by Silvering Precious Metals LLC based at Wyoming (USA), and Branch Office at Vienna, Austria. Available in the form of tokens, silver can now be easily incorporated into daily commercial transactions with great security and ease of transfer. It is one of the stable digital currencies which can be used as an exchange for goods and services.

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