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Silverstreet Maps out How Mobile Operators Can Stay Ahead of the Ott Curve


Oosterhout, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Silverstreet mobile messaging specialist and diversified telecom group, has just published an infographic and whitepaper titled "The OTT Opportunity for Operators".

OTT or over-the-top messaging covers messages sent via services such as Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger and Viber. In 2012, OTT surpassed SMS, with 19 billion messages sent via apps versus 17.5 billion SMS messages, according to data released by research house Informa Telecoms & Media. However, the reach of SMS still dwarves that of OTT messaging: there were 3.5 billion SMS users vs. 586 million users of the messaging apps in the same year, according to a report by Informa Telecoms & Media’s senior analyst Pamela Clark-Dickson.

So what does this mean for mobile operators? With the communications landscape constantly changing, they need to stay on their toes and adapt fast – maximising relationships, new opportunities and finding ways to stay ahead of the game.

The bottom line is that mobile operators need to think out the box and put a plan in place to avoid being forced into the role of a “dumb pipe” – paying for and providing the infrastructure, but allowing OTT app providers to own the customer and make money in future.

Examples where telcos and OTT providers are working together are starting to crop up: at the Mobile World Congress in February this year Viber’s CEO, Talmon Marco said that 30% of their future revenue was up for grabs by whoever supplied the billing mechanism for the premium, operator-esque services the OTT players plan on charging for. The first steps in working together are already taking place, with Viber’s partnership with Axis in Indonesia and WhatsApp teaming up with a range of telcos.

So what’s in it for mobile operators? At face value, they benefit from increased data use and resulting income. According to Silverstreet CEO Simon Landsheer, “There is also a huge opportunity for mobile operators in developing countries where smart phone uptake still lags behind that of feature phones. SMS gives OTT users a way to communicate with feature phone users, so they can communicate with 100% of the market rather than selected smartphones.”

The next question is whether mobile operators should deal with each OTT player directly. For the same reason that carriers deal with SMS aggregators rather than every individual company wanting to send bulk mobile messages, operators should look to a company such as Silverstreet to facilitate the relationship with the OTT players. Silverstreet understands the regulatory environment and already has the relationships with the right people in the right departments, so can streamline the process.

Savvy mobile operators will realize that OTT services are here to stay; but that there are several ways for this to work in their favour. Involving a trusted, value-added service provider, such as Silverstreet, they can work with the OTT players in a manageable and profitable, way.

To download the whitepaper and infographic please visit Silverstreet's resource centre here: http://www.silverstreet.com/press-centre/resources/

About Silverstreet
Silverstreet mobile messaging (SMS) specialist offers global MT termination options over 800 networks. Their primary focus is on mission critical traffic and high volume (wholesale) clients.

Founded in 1999, Silverstreet is a diversified telecom group with interests in various tele and .com companies. Working with over 3000 businesses, including mobile service providers and enterprises, Silverstreet’s mobile messaging solutions and innovative, highly scalable transaction platform continually provides their clients with unique, reliable and secure solutions.

Their product portfolio permits the easy and efficient integration of mobile services, regardless of whether it's for a small independent user or a multinational enterprise.

- Bulk SMS gateway - Optimize large scale and wholesale messaging requirements.
- Number Lookup - Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a worry of the past.
- Mobile Connect - Connect applications with mobile users all over the globe.
- Mobile Communicator - Gain complete control of reaching a target group, anytime, anywhere.
- Virtual Mobile Numbers - Inbound SMS numbers for 2-way traffic and response tracking purposes.

About Silverstreet
Silverstreet is a privately funded, full MEF (Mobile Entertainment Forum) member and GSMA Associate member. Their footprint is global with headquarters in the Netherlands, local offices in Europe and Asia, as well as representatives in Russia, Australia and South Africa. They reach a volume of approximately 3.5 billion SMS messages a year and their group revenue forecast for 2013 exceeds 100m EUR.