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Simi Reizen to Provide Active Travel and Vacations for Students and Youth


Appingedam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Simi Reizen is the ideal tour for individuals who have the desire to experience ultimate enjoyment during jongeren-vakanties . Young people can book their travel to Simi Reizen and expect a wonderful travel on exciting destinations together with fellow youth. This guarantees a free and fun-filled zomerkampen, active holidays, exciting nightlife and more unique experiences. This organizes tour and youth travel with a goal to provide the most fantastic experience for the young people during the holidays. Travelers can expect ground-breaking, unforgettable and unique experience they have never felt before.

Whether the youth and students are aspiring for perfect jongerenreizen and zomerkampen, the Simi Reizen can excellently handles all these aspirations, and this promises that an individual can get the services that suit them best. Committing with Simi Reizen allows individuals to enjoy exclusive benefits like easy and exciting booking, meeting fellow travelers and tour guides online, experiencing reasonable travel cost with only few surcharges, experiencing ultimate accommodation, food, counseling and activities.

Simi Reizen allows youth and student to experience active vacations where they can enjoy the sun, the beach and the outdoor activities. They can also feel the thrill during survival camp or experience spending a night in a cave, exploring the outdoor paradise and many more. This is certainly the key for endless and enjoyable camping, mountaineering and rock climbing ultimately experienced with fellow youth and students.

Simi Reizen is an ideal choice for travel and active vacation because this is committed with its principle of making all holidays as active holidays. They adhere to providing the best activities at every destination, offering spectacular and exclusive challenges and many more. This has the best tour guides that are always enthusiastic and involved. They strive hard to look for the best camp site for zomerkampen and ideal venue for youth holidays. Individuals got all the reasons why they must choose Simi Reizen in handling their active holidays and vacations. Simi Reizen is not just contented seeing youth and other travelers lying on the beach during holidays. They are committed in offering individuals with inclusive range of activities on different hottest and exciting locations. Interested individuals are advised to book now and grab the opportunity to take advantage of what Simi Reizen has to offer.

For more information feel free to visit their website . For inquiries, call them at 0598-743100 or email them at

Company: Simi Reizen
Address: Simi Travel BV
Stadshaven 19A
9902DA Appingedam
Telephone: 0598-743100
Twitter: @SimiReizen