Simon Stirling Blossoms as a Singer-Songwriter in Upcoming EP

Simon Stirling is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter whose riveting melodies and crooning lyrics you won’t soon forget, all of which are captured on his upcoming EP, San Diego, and a featured track on WiFi PR Group’s compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 5.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- Capturing raw emotions in sleek, poetic melodies and lyrics is the specialty of London’s own 17-year-old, budding singer-songwriter, Simon Stirling. Even at a young age, Simon has answered the promise of his talents with a critically acclaimed debut EP and will follow up that success with his upcoming EP, San Diego, and a featured track on WiFi PR Group’s upcoming compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 5.

Simon Stirling is a solo artist at heart, performing on vocals and piano, but he is often joined by other band members as well, particularly for his live performances. These talented musicians include Joshua Wade-Scriven on bass, piano and electric and acoustic guitars and Ben Grabarek on bass and electric and acoustic guitars as well.

Simon draws inspiration from a few different musical influences to create his poignant sound, including Ryan Keen, Ben Howard, Jack Johnson, Lauren Aquilina, Gabrielle Aplin and Nina Nesbitt. These influences and his own background, interests and talents coalesce to form a sound that is often compared to Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson.

As for his lyrical content, he has written about the nostalgia of love, what you miss when it’s gone and all the things that that person or he himself ever did wrong together. This too encompasses regret and mourning the happiness he once felt with that significant other, which you can hear remnants of in “Acorn,” “San Diego,” “Walking” and “Hungover.” In addition to the sweeter songs, he also delves into angrier emotions that might target certain people who have either done wrong by him or are difficult, which you can hear in “Dagger,” “Stardust & Wanderlust” and “Tornado.”

In July 2013, Simon self-published and released his five-track debut EP, Acorn, which has already made waves both in England and across the global music scene. The EP is a perfect example of his singing, songwriting and piano-playing at their best, with its soft, compelling melodies and emotive lyrics that flow seamlessly from one line to the next.

His upcoming EP, San Diego, is likely to include more of the same but with elevated strokes of fresh passion, pain and personal anecdotes in the form of touching music and lyrics. The five-track EP should be released in either late April or early May.

Simon has already enjoyed extensive media coverage of his music. Thanks to more than 15,000 plays on SoundCloud, he sparked interest from various national and international Internet radios, leading to multiple radio plays on Cofi Radio (London), Croydon Radio (Croydon) and Lonely Oak Radio (Los Angeles). London’s Laissez Faire Magazine also ran a feature on Simon Stirling in one of their issues.

Other notable accomplishments include performing at the Purley Festival in Croydon and the invitation to play at CR2013 Festival in London last year, along with performing at other smaller-scale live events as well.

Simon Stirling will join a host of other international talent spanning a variety of genres when his track “Acorn” is featured on WiFi PR Group’s upcoming compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 5, set to be released at Coachella in April 2014. The digital mixtape will be handed out on 3,500 download cards to festival attendees, and 1,500 more copies will be made available on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp website.

You can find Simon’s Acorn EP on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp as well as many other digital outlets. In response to fans’ requests for hard copies of his EP, he began making his own handmade hard copies, which he felt were more personal. It is a signed, drawn on and numbered disc by Simon himself with a lyric booklet and signed front and back covers.

You can also check out some of his videos on his YouTube page, including the music video for “San Diego,” “The Void” demo and his cover of Counting Crows’ “Colorblind.”

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