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3D Diagnostix Announces SimPlant Dental Surgical Guides

3D scan conversion company for dentistry offers fast track image conversion


Brighton, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- 3D Diagnostix, a leading CT image support services company for dentistry, is pleased to announce its new SimPlant Fast Track image conversion technology. Compared to traditional delivery time for surgical conversion guides, the new technology takes about half as long—and it’s more affordable, too.

Dentists everywhere use CT scans to capture 3D reconstructions of a patient’s oral maxillofacial case. From there, dentists use the 3D reconstructions of those images to help them with a range of possible outcomes: usage as a diagnostic tool, planning for dental implants, mapping for dental surgery, and many more. Regardless of which outcome a dental clinician has in mind for their patient, they rely on the surgical guides that result from those initial CT images. Now, with 3D Diagnostix’s Fast Track technology, the process is easier and faster than ever.

In addition to innovative SimPlant surgical guides, 3D Diagnostix offers a wide selection of helpful services to clients in the dental industry, including radiology reports, 3D conversions, treatment planning, and software training. Their support team is committed to answering questions related to any of the services offered at 3D Diagnostix, as well as questions specific to a client’s cases. “By providing unsurpassed service to clinicians,” a 3D Diagnostix spokesperson said, “3D Diagnostix strives to remain the leader in support services between CT and surgery for dentistry.”

About 3D Diagnostix
For nearly 10 years, 3D Diagnostix has been a leader in providing 3D image processing services for dentistry clients, with over 15,000 cases that depended on their unique expertise. As an increasingly accepted standard for dental diagnostic and planning tools, 3D imaging is used as an aid for dentists to create treatment plans and guide surgical operations. 3D Diagnostix has maintained the very highest quality and attention to detail in the reconstructions and planning they offer to a variety of dental clients. For more detail please visit, http://www.3ddx.com/.