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Simple Advice for a Stress-Free Maui Family Vacation from Royal Lahaina

Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui is a family-friendly vacation spot that everyone can enjoy. Our article shares some tips on how to have fun and avoid stress on your Maui family vacation.


Lahaina, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Royal Lahaina Resort is a palm-studded beachfront jewel in West Maui's well-known resort town of Lahaina, with 27 acres of verdant gardens, towers and rental cottages fronting probably the choicest half-mile stretch of one of Maui's choicest beaches.

On Kaanapali Beach, you truly have it all - some of the finest sand in the Pacific, soft waves almost year-round, and a gentle gradient that slides into the ocean smoothly enough to be safe for even the youngest beach-goers. Even better, unlike some of the famous beaches on Oahu, Kaanapali Beach doesn't get overcrowded and noisy.

Add to this our child-friendly beachfront cottage rentals that can accommodate households and give them enough space to play, cook and relax, and it's easy to see why Royal Lahaina is an ideal place for a Maui family vacation, equally inviting to households with adolescents or young children alike.

Parents - especially the parents of small children - know well, however, that managing everyone's moods and reconciling different ideas of what constitutes a good time can be a tricky proposition, and a fun outing can quickly turn sour with a lapse in good planning and conflict resolution skills. The wrong approach can leave parents just as - if not more - harried and stressed out at the end of a vacation than during their everyday routine back home.

This is the topic of our recent article about ways to maximize fun on your family vacation while minimizing chances for conflict.

Our article first touches on budget-related causes of stress, where lack of planning ahead and smart budgeting can result in financial headaches for parents as they see the cost of outings balloon. A thorough budget that includes realistic estimates and hard limits on extra activities will do much to dispel the dark clouds of spending over the breadwinners' heads.

Another cause of conflict is the need to accommodate the desires of people of different ages and interests (which is even harder if extended family members such as grandparents are involved). Our article recommends to always try to head off conflict by planning activities ahead, having contingency plans in case the original plan doesn't pan out, and always being clear about expectations.

Follow these and other common-sense pieces of advice, and you too can have an enjoyable and stress-free Maui family vacation at Royal Lahaina this vacation season!

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