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Simple Alarm System Makes Any Door Secure with the Wifi Door Notifier

The Wifi Door Notifier could be the next big product in the IoT world. It allows a single door or compartment to be alarmed easily through the Internet.


Newark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- The Internet has certainly changed much of how we access information and execute control over our home environments. Nowadays, people can stream a movie instantly on Netflix, warm up the car while they get dressed in the morning for work, or visually monitor their home from their office computer and mobile phone. Now, Abiotic Innovation has designed a new mobile security system to make the home safer at's crowdfunding site. It's called the: Wifi Door Notifier.

The device is simple. Whenever a door opens, closes or is left open in a home, there is a notification sent to a computer or mobile device. This way, homeowners can monitor their homes from virtually anywhere in the world.

"I couldn't help but notice there was a niche that needed filling, and this is why I came up with the WiFi Door Notifier," said Tim Masterbone, inventor. "This is security at a whole new level."

Studies show that most burglars who are set on robbing a home will come in through a door, and often they will not bother with closing the door on their way out! Seeing a door not closed within a few seconds is a sign something may be wrong. On the contrary, say you live alone. The door opening while you are at work or on vacation sends an instant alert to your phone via the Wifi Door Notifier…telling you someone is in the house.

There are four different models in planning. There is the basic model, which simply notifies your cell phone or email when a door is opened, to the advanced RTC+Battery model, which contains a real time clock and battery backup that can move to deep sleep and conserve battery life.

Masterbone is running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his project. All backers will receive a discount on the Wifi Door Notifier, and some will even be immortalized in the technology's program code. The creator shares the purpose behind the Wifi Door Notifier campaign on the site.

"There are certain licenses and patents that the campaign is going to help fund, in addition to the actual production of the Wifi Door Notifiers," added Masterbone.

Masterbone has set an attainable goal of $35,000 and is trying to raise this amount using a crowdfunding campaign. Several levels of participation are available, and each level has better and better rewards for participation.

Learn more at the Wifi Door Notifier Kickstarter site.

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