Simple Design Changes Turns Boring Dress Shirts to Functional and Stylish Wear


Charlottesville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- As far as men’s dress shirts are concerned not much has changed from back when they were invented for the horse riding men, even though it has a well-deserved standing of being the best men’s clothing breakthrough of the millennium, it is high time that the basic flaws of the garment were noticed and worked upon to make the modern dress shirt more functional. Function & Form LLC ( is all about designing and manufacturing functional wear for men. They’ve recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign that attempts to reinvent how men’s premium dress shirts are designed, made, and also worn. Their innovative outlook on functionalizing and modernizing the humble men’s dress shirt has allow them to come up with a few simple ideas that will set Function & Form dress shirt miles apart from all other dress shirts designs from both SPA and luxury brands in terms of both style and functionality.

Function & Form has firstly tackled the problem of revealing too much or too little, by adding an extra button at the neck opening. This is a simple addition but an extremely useful one because after wearing and washing dress shirts a few times, the neck opening can be a bit of a nuance. Unbutton one and it’s still a bit too stuffy. Unbutton two and it opens up the “Grand Canyon”– revealing chest hair or undershirt. F&F guys basically added an extra button exactly where it is needed for better control. Secondly, there is another creative solution provided for the problem of rolled of sleeves becoming undone, an extra inner sleeve has been added to provide the needed grip to keep the rolled sleeves up, this is again an interesting solution.

With F&F’s extra cooling inner sleeve, guys can simply pull up the sleeve and it’ll stay up. And lastly the moisture wicking, quick drying armpit & back panels of the Function & Form dress shirts ensure those embarrassing sweat marks on the armpits are no longer an issue. F&F flawlessly infused different types of fabrics in these sweat mark prone areas so that moisture is never locked in. The designer behind Function & Form functional wear for men, Chris Park is known to have the ability to view regular clothing in unique and more creative way of looking at a regular piece of clothing and elevating it to a whole new level.

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