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Simple Innovations Improve Delatech Gas Scrubber Operation and Efficiency


Burnsville, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- For Fab Managers and Facilities Engineers who have a Delatech gas abatement scrubber, periodic maintenance is often overlooked – until it the scrubber alarm goes off. Then, the time-consuming and costly task of troubleshooting the issue begins, not to mention potential downtime, abatement efficiency loss and environmental implications.

The Critical Systems, Inc. abatement team has developed two practical and inexpensive component modifications to improve operational efficiency and mean time between maintenance (MTBM) on Delatach gas scrubbers.

U Drain
Sediment buildup in the drain leads to the need for frequent PM’s, and is the most common cause of inefficient scrubber operation. CSI’s “U” shaped design provides a continuous 4” diameter transition section allowing for better drainage of liquid and sediment into tank. It is constructed of highly corrosive resistant 316L stainless steel, and treated with a proprietary blended Teflon coating to further resist corrosion and sediment buildup.

Additionally, the new drain incorporates cooling nozzles into the drain assembly, eliminating the need for the old nozzle assembly altogether. These new nozzles are more robust, and offer higher flow than standard drain nozzles. They are also positioned much closer to the low point in the drain, maximizing flow and cooling at the most needed point in the system. Finally, these nozzles can easily be removed for cleaning or to be replaced if necessary.

Cooling Nozzle Assembly
Another related problem lies in the standard nozzle assembly itself. Old style nozzles eventually clog at the 90º bend near top of nozzle assembly. That nozzle is not removable (like the other two) and requires replacement of entire assembly once it becomes clogged. CSI’s new nozzle assembly uses more durable, higher flow nozzles, and all can be easily removed for cleaning or to be replaced if necessary. The new nozzle assembly is used in conjunction with the standard style drain.

These components are inexpensive and easily installed; especially in light of repair costs and the environmental costs of an inefficient Gas Scrubber. Both products are immediately available.

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