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Simple Stone Solutions: The Right Solution That Does Not Damage the Stone

Simple Stone Solutions offers marble, travertine, and natural stone cleaner.


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- Cleaning travertine, marble and natural stone can be a tough job and using the wrong solution can ruin it. Simple Stone Solutions would like to help people save time and money by offering them the right solution to clean their travertine, marble and natural stones. Simple Stone Solutions does not want people to damage their precious stone floors or countertops, so they have decided to offer some friendly advice to their readers.

Marble Cleaner

Individuals who have marble floors or countertops in their home or office are encouraged to use the right solution when cleaning it. Simple Stone Solutions has stepped up to the plate to offer a cleaner that has been specifically created for marble. The marble cleaner created by Simple Stone Solutions can be used on marble, granite, limestone and other natural stones. It does great on particularly dirty surfaces as it removes grease and dirt, without damaging the stone.

Travertine Cleaner

As with marble cleaner, individuals have to be careful with what type of travertine cleaner they use on their travertine. When a homeowner has travertine installed, they may not be familiar with caring for it. Travertine stone will instantly eliminate that “cookie-cutter” home improvement store feel. Once the homeowner learns how to successfully clean the material, the travertine will look as good as new for decades.

Microfiber Mopping System

Simple Stone Solutions has sole the microfiber mopping system to various customers and have received nothing but good feedback on it. The Microfiber mopping system contains microfiber scrub pads, dry dust mop pads and microfiber buff pads. This system is great for cleaning limestone, marble, granite, wood or any floor surface that is hard, without ruining it.

About Simple Stone Solutions
Simple Stone Solutions is the leader seller of travertine cleaner, marble cleaner and stone cleaner. They offer cleaning supplies that will successfully clean stone floors.

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