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Simple Telecom Announces Launch of Two Innovative New Telephone Services

New click-to-call feature will help companies more easily connect with online visitors, while company's Postcode Prompter enables automated routing of calls to local branches, Simple Telecom reports


Sunshine Coast, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Simple Telecom, a leading provider of telephone numbers and related services, announced a pair of new offerings that can be used with phone numbers arranged for by the company. A new "click to call" system makes it even easier than previously for the company's customers to allow Web visitors to contact them by phone, while the company's new Postcode Prompter feature enables the automatic routing of calls made directed at 1300- or 1800-based numbers to appropriate local branches.

Founded in 2006, Simple Telecom has become one of Australia's most innovative telephony specialists, while also delivering the greatest value possible for the wide range of services detailed at

"Here at Simple Telecom, we never stop honing and improving our product lineup," company founder and owner David Thomas said, "and our two new offerings are going to allow us to provide even more valuable help to our clients." Most established businesses in Australia advertise a 1300-based phone number to the public, through which customers can contact companies at local rates. Simple Telecom was a pioneer in arranging for the low-cost provision of these special telephone numbers to businesses in Australia, and that service is still a major part of the company's business. Thanks to the especially low rates that Simple Telecom's streamlined, efficient processes allow it to charge for the service, it often saves clients substantial amounts of money on a monthly basis through this offering alone.

The company's other services, comprising a broad lineup to which the two new ones were added in its most recent expansion, have proven to be equally popular. The newly unveiled click-to-call feature will help businesses bridge what can sometime seem like a large gap between online activity and real, personal interaction, as it provides a seamless way to put website visitors in touch with live company representatives through voice calls. The company's new Postcode Prompter service can have just as much of an impact, as it enables the low-cost, unattended transfer of calls dialed with local-rate 1300 or toll-free 1800 numbers to particular branches or locations that are best situated physically to serve callers.

In addition to these two newly unveiled services, Simple Telecom provides a wide variety of other telephony-related features, all described in detail at Many of the company's loyal customers first come to the company in order to arrange for their own 1300 or 1800 numbers, after which the quality and value propositions of its other services quickly become apparent. In addition to the two new services unveiled today, for example, Simple Telecom offers sophisticated call recording systems, automated fax to email gateways, and professional, reliable call answering services.

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A leading provider of telephone numbers and related services and add-ons, Simple Telecom was founded in 2006. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most vital and dynamic businesses of its kind in Queensland and Australia, offering clients an unmatched combination of value, product quality, and customer service.