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Simple Telecom Announces Revised and Simplified Pricing Plans for Many Products

Leading 1300 number provider's new pricing arrangements will make it even easier and faster to get started, Simple Telecom reports


Sunshine Coast, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Simple Telecom, a top provider of 1300 numbers and telephone services, announced new, simplified and lowered pricing schemes for many of the company's top products. The new 1300 number pricing plans, for example, start as low as $15 per month, with a variety of other options for customers who expect heavier inbound call volume. Since the company's founding seven years ago, Simple Telecom has grown to become one of the leaders in its sector of the Australian telecommunications industry by providing customers with straightforward, economical products and excellent customer service.

"We've been known for years for the way we make it as simple and affordable as possible to get set up with a 1300 number and other services," Simple Telecom founder and CEO David Thomas said, "and our newly optimized pricing structures are going to burnish that reputation further." Numbers under the 1300 prefix are considered more or less a requirement for Australian businesses of any stature or ambition. Like equivalents in other countries, the numbers allow customers to call companies without incurring extra charges on their own phone bills, making them more likely to pick up the phone.

Simple Telecom was founded with a mission of making 1300 numbers and related services as easy as possible for businesses and others to acquire and make use of. The company's custom, proprietary software systems are among the most advanced in the industry, and help Simple Telecom specialists to quickly and efficiently sort through all of the options in order to find those that are best suited to any particular client.

Thanks to the power of these back-end systems, Simple Telecom is able to provide a degree of personalized customer service that is rare in the industry. CEO Thomas, in fact, often answers the company's phone personally and routinely deals with any issues or special requests himself. The rest of the tight-knit, highly skilled Simple Telecom team, too, works tirelessly to ensure that the company's customers receive all of the attention and service that they can benefit from.

In addition to being a leading provider of 1300 and 1800 numbers to Australian businesses and other organizations, Simple Telecom offers a variety of associated services at equally appealing price points, all of which are detailed at on appropriate pages. Most of these can be added on to existing 1300 number lines virtually instantly and on-demand, giving customers great flexibility as to the particular service arrangements they can choose from.

Many customers, for example, find real-time 1300 number configuration services end up being especially valuable to their organizations, as this option allows them to redirect callers to any company employee who might be best positioned to assist them at any given time. Call recording, overflow handling, and scheduled routing services are equally popular with the company's customers and just as easy and affordable to arrange for.

Simple Telecom's newly revised and simplfied pricing plans are available for viewing at the company's website at Visitors can sign up for their own 1300 numbers or other services there, too, or contact the company by phone to make arrangements.

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