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Simple Unlocking Solution for Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Now Just a Click Away


Bacau, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- UnlockUnit has come up with a powerful yet simple solution to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 reliably. The company is known to bring highly result oriented Smartphone unlocking codes to users of different phone companies and the application software it uses for unlocking the Galaxy S5 is reportedly one of the most superior ones to receive unlock codes from.

Unlockunit.com formulates Smartphone unlocking services with the deployment of unique codes. For Samsung Galaxy S5 too it has got ready this service where the unique IMEI number- that is in most cases printed on the sticker that is pasted at the base of a handset’s battery - is recognized first to begin the execution of the procedure. This can also be obtained by dialling *#06# straightaway on a phone. The IMEI number is an important entry to be made accurately on the online form that the company has got posted on its website for customers keen to get their Galaxy S5 unlocked through the portal. A few other minor details like the country/network the phone was originally bought from and the consumer e-mail address also need to be filled up here. The price charged is very affordable, $16.9 only, and there are 2 payment options, PayPal and Credit card.

That UnlockUnit is very fastidious about customer satisfaction can be seen in the fact that it does not only send across a code against an order but also an e-mail containing instructions for usage/execution of the code alongwith. In fact, there is a money-back guarantee also, if, due to any reason, the user fails to successfully use the code for unlocking the phone. There is a provision of ‘Live Chat’ as well in the website to talk to an expert and clear doubts. The firm assures that by unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S5, it can be made compatible with any GSM network, all across the world, and roaming fees chargeable on travelling can be cut down as well.

A company official says, ‘Ours is the easiest method to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 and no technical skills are required to get this done.’ Customer testimonials posted on the website closely second the reliability of the company.

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