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Porirua, NZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- DNS or the Domain Name Service is a huge database that stores information with regards to domain names and IP addresses on the internet. The DNS servers are mainly used to carry as well as transmit the said data from one system or computer to another. This entire data is usually stored on various DNS Servers through a Network and this network is linked to a single DNS root server that might be located in different countries like USA, UK, Japan, etc. Anybody can register for a domain name without any authentication with any address or name except for sites that are related to the Government Agencies or Military.

There is every scope that these domains might be exposed to spam or any malware. And when users access these domains, there is every chance that their systems might get corrupted by the spam. DNS Lookup Tool plays a very important role in identifying such websites. One can prevent any kind of spam attacks from a web server or a particular IP address. With the help of this tool, it is easy to obtain the DNS records or domain registration details as well. The tool would provide information that is just enough to proceed with the investigation.

Users may note that while it may be difficult to obtain the complete details of the spammer, the information about the DNS server or IP address is enough to request the web host to shut down these spam domains. Users can maintain their site security as well if they make timely use of this tool. It is always better to do a DNS lookup if the site is experiencing continuous traffic from the same domain. Sometimes it might be fake traffic that is repeatedly sent in order to guess the site’s password. It will then become easy for the spam domains to hack the site or account.

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