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Certain things provide the best opportunity for a business to grow. 1300 and 1800 numbers are such things. Businesses thinking to buy 1300 number can get the same online at to grow their business.


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2018 -- In fact, some businesses in Australia have understood the importance of 1300 and 1800 numbers. But, some of them have not. They actually help businesses to grow as they operate as internet domain names. For businesses thinking to buy 1300 number, they can get help online from

The service for 1300 Numbers lives on cyberspace and the business will point it to the web server, where the website of the business resides. Here, this company offers an effective and easy way for businesses to increase their inbound calls. They can streamline the process of managing the leads they generate.

The 1300 number functions as a virtual number for any business. It means that they exist in the cloud and these numbers are highly popular for call centres where they have their operations in more than a single country with varied time zones. It means that any business having this number can deliver the service 24/7.

For businesses concerned about 1300 numbers cost, says "One of the great advantages of having a 1300 or 1800 number is that they are not "tied" to a physical equipment the way regular mobile numbers or landline are." When calling landlines, the caller will have to consider local prefixes. On the other hand, the 1300 numbers are numbers that are valid across the nation. It means that they are easily portable and most importantly, they do not come with any extra costs for callers calling from anywhere in Australia.

In addition to providing these phone numbers, the passion of the founder of David for the telecom space and his interest in innovation and customer service motivates him to give add-ons to the clients. It means that this business helps other businesses to gain a competitive edge. Some of the add-ons like live answering, call recording are offered by this company.

With clear pricing, provides the best space online for businesses to buy 1300 number. This is the second business for David Thomas the founder and following the success of his first business Simple Telecom, he started this business to help entrepreneurs in Australia.

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