ApplenMicro Launches a "Simple Cell Phone App" That Helps You Monitor Your Cheating Spouse


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 --, a leading New York retailer selling monitoring software and spy utilities, has announced the launch of its new application, "Simple Cell Phone App". The mobile spy application can catch a cheating spouse and is 100% undetectable. It's an innovative way to catch a cheating spouse using the latest mobile software.

It is becoming increasingly easy for spouses who are suspicious to spy on their spouses. High priced private detectives are no longer required when all the required spyware software can be had with a few mouse clicks. These devices are quickly providing answers and they are easy to use and affordable. Here is how to use technology to catch a cheating spouse even though they can lead to legal, moral, and ethical problems.

"SimpleCellPhoneApp" is a cell phone spy solution for those who suspect their spouse is cheating, but are looking for a less expensive, viable alternative than hiring a private investigator.

One of the most important things about spying on another person is to be discreet so that you don’t get caught. It's very important for you to remain undetected. The only way to do this successfully, so that the person you are spying on won’t be able to tell that you are spying on him is to use a cell phone spy software program.

Utilize the exclusive technology previously only used by law enforcement agencies worldwide to spy on calls, SMS messages, videos, photos and more, says marketing manager, John Morell.

With divorce rates on the rise, simplecellphoneapp is the ideal way to ensure that one’s true love is being committed to them and them alone. If a spouse is cheating, knowing the truth can bring a feeling of liberation and validation. If a spouse is not cheating, the satisfaction of knowing their commitment can be priceless.

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