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Simplistics Products Unveils Smart Water Pitcher


Armagh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2017 -- Simplistics Products has introduced a high quality Water Pitcher from Ergo Kitchen Accessories that helps users drink healthy juices without any hassle.

An increasing number of people today are becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat. They understand that drinking healthy fruit juices can work wonders for their overall wellbeing. However making delicious fruit juices on a daily basis can be a chore.

This Infusion Pitcher ensures that health conscious users can get their daily dose of fruit juices with ease. All they have to do is pack their favorite fruits in the towers of the jug and enjoy their fruit flavored beverages whenever they want.

The Water Jug with a lid is quite versatile and works with all types of fruits including strawberries, apples, kiwis and more. Green and red towers add to the look and charm of the jug that can be a handsome addition to people's homes.

Healthy drinkers can make the most out of this jug when they are at home or their work place. They will not run low on fruit flavored beverages next time they host a party at home. The pitcher definitely has many applications for users.

Those concerned about the quality will be pleased to find that the Water Pitcher is made using high grade plastic. It is BPA free, which means the water always tastes great. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty from Ergo Kitchen Accessories and is reasonably priced, making it good value for users' money.

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The renowned brand based in the US and the UK specializes in bringing premium quality products online at affordable rates.

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