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Simplyco Umbrella Company Offers Smart Solutions to Freelancers and Contractors


Cockermouth, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Simplyco makes being listed under an umbrella company simpler for contractors and freelancers by enabling them to get the security that permanent employment can provide. In addition, Simplyco Umbrella provides services to those who want to operate a limited company get all the perks and flexibility that they can reap.

Umbrella companies provide the more practical option for contractors that would want to save themselves the trouble of having to manage their own payroll, National Insurance, and taxes. If you are looking forward to building a more independent career in the future, or building your own limited company, Simplyco Umbrella would help you test the waters first. You can think of it as a practice for you, while you get the freedom of working at your own pace.

Most of contractors and freelancers experience the trouble of tax compliance when they aim to be on their own, but they also experience the problem of finding a reliable umbrella company UK. Most of the time, they encounter the risk of instability by the company that they choose to rely on. They also experience the danger of having payslips that they do not understand, and other PAYE (Pay As You Earn)errors.

Simplyco Umbrella aims to change that experience with the assurance that they have the right experience and stability, with the mission to provide the umbrella experience that is fair to contractors. Simply put, they forward the rewards a PAYE employee can get in the simplest manner, which is great for those who are starting their careers under an umbrella corporation, or those who would like to be on a shorter contract term. If your hourly rate is £9.50, you are encouraged to jump in.

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