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Sims Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Hot/Cold Massage Roller


Owensboro, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2018 -- After researching for the best therapy tool that assists with pre and post workout routines, Sims was discouraged that he could not find a product on the market that would help prevent and decrease the chance of injury with the features he desired.  So, he decided to create his own.  From this ingenious idea came the Hot/Cold Massage Stick Roller.

At some point, anyone who exercises will discover that there are a number of massage rollers on the market, some good and some bad.  However, there are none that allow for a change from hot too cold at the flip of a faucet.

It is best to warm up muscles before any exercise activity.  The Hot/Cold Massage Stick Roller is able to hold a steady temperature from the water stored in its hollow core.  The heat is quickly transferred through the walls of the device to the skin.  Heating muscles up before any activity is one proven way to avoid injury or strain to the muscles by increasing blood flow to the targeted area.

After a workout, simply replace the hot water with cold water from the same faucet. Now the Hot/Cold Massage Stick Roller becomes a cold therapy device intended to decrease swelling from vigorous exercise.

The Unique Design

Unlike other massage rollers that only use pressure to stretch muscles, the Hot/Cold Massage Stick Roller has a hollow core that allows for a temperature-controlled massage.  There are truly no other stick massage rollers on the market today with this feature.

How the Hot/Cold Massage Stick Roller Works

Using the roller is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

- First, simply remove the cap from the end of the roller.
- Next, fill the roller with your choice of hot or cold water from your faucet.
- Last, replace the cap and roll over muscles.

Located on the web at, pledge levels are available from $25 to $100.  Some rewards include:

- The Super Early Bird $25 – Receive one Hot/Cold Massage Stick Roller with one free stretch band.

- The Early Bird $40 – Receive one Hot/Cold Massage Stick Roller with one free stretch band.

- You and a Friend $68 – Receive two Hot/Cold Massage Stick Rollers, one for you and one for a friend.

See full details and videos at the Kickstarter website.

Contact Person: Thomas Sims
Company: TWS llc
City: Owensboro
State: Kentucky
Country: United States
Phone: 270-485-3776