Sinclair Imports Announces Partnership with Triathlete Angela Durazo


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Sinclair Imports the Exclusive Distributor of Argon 18 in the USA is proud and excited to announce the signature of American triathlete Angela Durazo with their revolutionary E-118 Triathlon racing model for the next two seasons. Angela is a motivational figure in the triathlon community for her battle against both, Rheumatoid Arthritis and MRSA, and for her enduring positive attitude in the face of adversity. “We are glad to play a small role in helping Angela reach her potential in triathlon cycling” –Lance Donnell, CEO Sinclair Imports

About Angela Durazo
Angela Durazo is a professional model turned competitive age group triathlete based out of La Jolla, California. Angela was diagnosed with career ending MRSA in 2006 after a surgery to remove a tumor from her breast left her with an often-fatal antibiotic resistant staph infection, MRSA. Miraculously Angela made it through however the miracle of pulling through such a deadly infection was overshadowed by news from her agent: due to scaring and missing a piece of her breast, she was dropped from her contracts.

Angela’s life had changed and in 2010 she discovered that racing in triathlon was where she belonged. In 2010, her first race, Angela came in 48th (AG). Her next race saw her in 16th (AG), and she only kept improving through 2011. By 2012, Angela saw her first International top five with 5th (AG) in Brazil at the Caioba Short Distance Triathlon.

In early 2012, Angela’s body had developed another life-changing disease, Autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA affects the internal organs in addition to the joints and is treated with chemo medication, medication used to treat cancer patients. Angela began bi-monthly injection treatments and at times was rendered bed-stricken and immobile due to the debilitating symptoms from the disease and severity of treatment. Angela sought immediate expertise from a team of specialists with hopes of getting her ability to race back.

On a mission to show that she has no intentions of giving up, Angela raced just two months after the diagnosis and placed 12th (AG). “I am not living with RA, RA is living with me, and it better get used to taking second, because it is not going to prevent me from taking first. I accept that it will take me longer and I will have to work harder but it is my dream and it will happen.”

With a full 2013 season scheduled, Angela hopes to inspire other sufferers and aid in efforts to find a cure.

Angela has since become an advocate for Rheumatoid Arthritis by starting her ‘Triathlete racing with RA’ blog, which has received over 10,500 hits in only the 5 months it has been up and by dedicating her racing to the Arthritis National Research Foundation, agreeing to donate 50% of all monies won racing to aid in funding research.

More information on Angela can be found on her website,

Angela’s Media Contact
Karen Rippy
Phone: (702) 278-2277